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Thursday, 1 October 2009

What a week that was!

It's been a long week to say the least. Out of respect for my lovely M-I-L I haven't said anything. But now she's on the mend I feel able to do so. My MIL underwent major surgery a week ago for bowel cancer, and repair to a (very large) hernia. It was a success thank goodness. They have got rid of the cancer which had spread to an ovary (which was removed as well) and have repaired the hernia.

There has been a minor setback this morning - she does have an infection in the wound so they may have to operate to clean out this infection we think - it all depends on the result of a CT scan that she will have to have.

But that aside, through it all my MIL has been very, very positive - which is always good. But I have to say not so easy to keep up day after day. I'm not sure if I would be able to be so +ve all the time! Now she just needs to heal and get her strength back.

My DH went down to Essex to be with his mum and has been away for a week now. I had planned to keep occupied by writing. In truth I have done some - but was only able to do so once I knew my MIL had come through her operation.

Then, if that wasn't bad enough my best mate Kath had a car accident. She ok - but has severe whiplash. So Kath if you're reading this get well soon babes!

Take care. Caroline x


  1. Glad to hear your MIL made it through the op, Caroline. I hope she quickly regains her strength.

  2. Hi Liz. Thanks for stopping by. Take care. Caroline x

  3. A tough week, Caroline.

    Sending best wishes to you MIL and friend Kath.