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Thursday, 24 September 2009

To Boldly Go...

I participated in the on-line e-chat with the HM&B Editors last night! It was fun and I even asked a question which they very kindly answered . (Sad to be so excited I know but it was my "first time" and I'm just a simple lassie).

Following the on-line discussion I'm definitely going to be entering my "creation" and see where I go - if anywhere. I've also decided to broaden my horizons - writing wise (hence the title of this blog.) I've squillions of ideas for books (well OK maybe about 30) and sometimes they all fight at once to get written. So for a change instead of writing the full book and then subbing to HM&B which is what I normally do, I've decided to write the first 3 chapters and a synopsis and see where I go. The two books fighting to go first are a (Historical) "Love Inspired" and an "Intrigue". Different genres for me completely - but they are both shouting at me to get out!

I haven't told the dh my plans yet. If he finds out that I'm attempting more books he'll go mad. He sits in the "finish one book at time" camp. Maybe he's right, I don't know - but I'll keep you updated. Take care. Caroline x


  1. Caroline, I'm similiar in that I have many, many ideas. I used to have lots and lots of starts of books but not many finished ones. These days, I've got a lot better at finishing them - figured it was good practice. ;-) Now, if only I could stop my desperate urge to keep rewriting... :-)
    Good luck with your competition entry!

  2. Hi Jackie - thanks for stopping by! And good luck with your competition entry.

  3. Congratulations on getting your question answered. Unfortunately I was at work, so couldn't take part - but I have read the transcripst and agree it was inspiring. It's great when you're just bursting with ideas... Good luck with the partial and your comp entry.