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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Where Does The Time Go?

First off. Feeling chuffed that I got into the top 11 of Donna Alwards Perfect Pitch Competition. It was the first time I tried something like this and I learnt a lot. Donna very kindly gave me some excellent feedback and she liked my story. Yay!

Had a nice weekend. Makes up for the last 2 - still apologising for my mega whinge last week - sorry! It was my (step) grandsons 2nd Birthday - and as I've intimated in the title line - blimey where *does* the time go? It only seems like yesterday when he was born. As you can see I've posted some photo's of his lovely (but noisy) birthday party! Take care. Caroline x

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Hi all. Got to apologise for the mega whinge earlier! Have been positive this afternoon and been a good girl by sitting at my desk and putting together my Pitch for Donna Alwards "Perfect Pitch" competition. (It's on her blog site but hurry if you are thinking of entering as it ends this Friday.)

Fingers crossed that she likes it and that I haven't sent too much i.e. more of a synopsis than a pitch.

But as the old saying goes "you have to be in it to win it". Take care. Caroline x

Writing....but not the "write" sort....

You know we all get one of those (ugghhh) weeks...well this week and last week were mine....So apologies for the mega whinge that is about to be dumped on you poor people.

1. Monday 11th - take DH2b to A&E. He's been laid up for a week prior to this with swelling in his foot. (Being a man he kept saying "I'll be all right".) 7 frigg*ing hours later go home. Foot not broken - just badly sprained. Spend next 4 days wearing metaphorical nurses uniform tending to "patient". (Did feel sorry for DH2B though as this is an underlying problem. DH2b has cream crackered feet that just "go" on average 6 times a year - which means he is laid up. )
2. Tuesday 12th. Given a piece of work to do in the day job that has me typing furiously and stressing mega big time all of last week, all of the weekend (except Saturday - see later) and all of this week so far. In short I've become a barrister providing legal advice on stuff that is WAY out of my comfort zone. This is all well and good but I am NOT a barrister! So I've been writing stuff that I don't want to write and totally not doing the writing I want to (romance) as I'm just soooooo tired! I know all you hardened cynics will say that you write no matter how tired you are - but not me - I just can't concentrate not to mention being brain dead.
3. Saturday 16th - Have a break to visit my gran in her OAP home. Turn up with mum to find call out doctor there who advises she has a possible thrombosis and has to go to hospital asap! Take mum to A&E. Get there at 3pm. Leave at 10pm. No word of a lie one of the doctors who was there on Monday the 11th nodded at me as if to say "oh hello you again...."
Today - Thursday 21. Back to hospital with DH2b for a check up on his shoulder - which was operated on last summer.

Like I said one of those (2) weeks. Now POSITIVE thoughts!
1. I will do MY writing this weekend.
2. Grandson is 2 on Saturday and we are going to have a fun party.
3. Going to enter Donna Alwards "pitch" competition. MUST do this today as it ends tomorrow.

Sorry for the whinge and thanks for listening. Caroline xxx

Thursday, 14 January 2010

There really is a Romance "formula"....

After reading many a "how to write" a Romance book I have had it drummed into me that there is no magical "formula" for writing a romance, whether a category romance, historical, or chic lit.

But I'm going to rebel (courtesy of Deborah Hale - romance author) and suggest that there is a "formula". And here it is....... (H + h x A) ÷ C + HEA = R

Now many of you hardy romance writers will spot what the formula is right away. For those who don't here's the breakdown:

H = Hero. h = heroine. Put them together and there has to be A = attraction. Without the A there can't be a romance. Fine, but to sustain any romance novel then C must kick in somewhere - usually at the beginning of the book - preferably on the first page. C = conflict which will do it's utmost to break up (divide) the H/h. "C"'s are those internal (and sometimes external) issues/conflicts that torment, tease and down right confound our H/h right up until the end of the book - which is obviously the HEA - the Happy Ever After. So all those variables will finally result in the R - the Romance (book) that we aspiring authors all aim to produce, and hopefully one day, God willing, will get published.

Easy ehh? No not really! Downright hard work in reality getting the "formula" right. (This probably explains why I was so rubbish at maths at school!) Again
thanks to Deborah Hale for this post. I hope she didn't mind me pinching her formula. Take care. Caroline x

Friday, 8 January 2010

The WIP is finished but.........

but.....I'm 13k words short!!!

OMG I kid you not. As I write HM&B Historicals (or try to!) the word count needs to be 70 - 75k. I've just typed "The End" at 54,879.

I know, I know. SERIOUS problem. There are some bit'n'pieces where I can fill in - such as an epilogue - but seriously I still need to find at least another 12k. (I'm breaking off here to have a major panic attack. Pass me a paper bag someone please.)

Right. Calm. Deep breaths. I need to solve this problem. So... here's what I'm going to do:

1. Read ms again. Fill in major gaps. Layer like it's never been layered before.
2. Add extra scenes where I can. Perhaps another love scene - although I don't want to just do a "filler" exercise! This is dangerous and potentially not good.
3. Read Kate Walker's 12 Point Guide to Romance Writing - again - for some much needed tips!
4. Ask you lovely, lovely, lovely people in blog land what to do. Has this ever happened to you? Any wise words of wisdom to share? Pleeeeese share any tips you may have. I will be extremely grateful trust me.

Going now to have another panic attack........

Caroline x

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Aw Mum - but it's cold outside!

Could two dogs get any closer to the fire if they tried?

Monday, 4 January 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Hello all! Hope you all having a good New Year - yes I know it's only 5 days in -but I'm aiming for optimism this year!

Managed to keep to my N Y R so far! Blogging *after* I've done my daily word count has proved the hardest. Is it only me or do others out there love blogging as much as I do?!

Like most of the UK it's blinkin' cold out there at the moment! But (fingers crossed) where I live has so far escaped any major blanketing of snow! This is because we are an island, and as such the salt air does help in keeping away the white stuff. Ten miles up the road is a different story of course as the Snowdonia mountain range is awash with the stuff. Lovely to look at but treacherous none the less! The mountain rescue team have been busy over the holiday period. Apparently they had to rescue 2 men who decided to climb Snowdonia in jeans, thin anorak and trainers! I tell you! How stupid can you get. Unsurprisingly they fell foul of the cold weather and had to be rescued. Both are suffering from hypothermia and are still in hospital!

Ah well. Enough whinging! Back to the wip - which I am managing to plod on with, albeit at a tortoise pace! Take care. Caroline x