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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

How Do I Write?

As a "newby" in the field of romantic fiction writing I thought I would share with you my creative process (lol - wow does that sound pompus or what!) Before I start I have to say I lovvvvvve reading about how authors approach their writing and can't get enough of reading about it. I also love reading as many books on the writing craft as I can possibly get hold of. I justify this by saying that a writer is doing a "job" and therefore needs to be adequately trained in doing so. And trust me as a relative newcomer to all things writing (romance that is) I need as much training as possible.
So what's my writing process like? Well if I have to put myself in a "camp" then I am definitely a "panster" writer. I start off with a idea for a book - normally the opening chapter or a scene in my head - and then off I go. So far things have worked out well and I've been able to finish 2 full novels - not a lot I know - but I consider myself a fledgling. Most times the book has changed beyond recognition from my initial idea (although the opening chapter so far has always stayed the same) and I've managed, so far, to avoid writers block and the sagging middle. Of all the things I find the hardest to deal with - then it is the sagging middle. How to take a book out of the duldrons and inject enough fizz to make anyone (normally the poor reader at the NWS) want to finish reading the book! Another niggle I have is the fact that in the day job I tend to write a lot of dry stufy letters and technical reports. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get out of this particular mindset and try and write fun, flirty dialogue rather than the falling back into "official" writing, and not letting my wip get too stuffy!
As you can see from the picture I also like to do a story board. This is my current wip. Spot who the hero is! No prizes there - it's the lovely Hugh Jackman. The "diagram" thingy is something I found on WORD recently - I use one for each of the H/h and put all their relatives/where they live etc. in each of the circles as an aide memoir when I'm typing away. Having been over to the Pink Heart Society blog this morning the lovely Kate Hardy has done a great post about her writing. Wow to be as productive as Kate would be amazing. But that is definitely not me - unfortunately. I tend to do my writing in dribs and drabs fitting it around work and life, BUT there is one thing I am disciplined about, and that is trying to write something every day. Even if it's a bit of editing, plotting out (on paper) the next chapter whilst in bed, or actually typing away. I find that my best time to write in the evenings, and at the weekend in the afternoons once "life" has slowed down and all the chores have been done. I have tried to write in the mornings - sometimes it's ok and the words flow, but mostly life intrudes and it isn't doable. So there you go. Now I'm off back to work (day job) having done this in my lunch hour. Take care. Caroline x


  1. Fascinating stuff, Caroline. And you're right, it's hard to fit the writing around real life. I do admire you writing something every day - that's may aim too...but I frequently don't manage.


  2. Hi Suzanne! Thanks for stopping by. How's your HM&B Contest chapter doin'? Take care. Caroline x

  3. Very slowly, Caroline - thanks for asking. But I'm getting there.


  4. Hi there - I am addicted to craft books and articles too!
    And I can reassure you that I might have sold three books to Mills amd Boon but I still read and study then study more to make the best use of my story idea. I like the idea of that story wheel on your story board - thanks for the tip. Upwards and onwards! LOL Nina

  5. Hi Nina. Thanks for stopping by! Take care. Caroline x