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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Rejection Letters X4....

....I kid you not peeps. Four- FOUR - rejection letters in 2 days....*sigh*. 3 from Fiction Feast and 1 from Woman's Weekly for my short stories. Ah well onwards and upwards. I've got a few more to send out this week hopefully - so you never know.

PC seems to be behavin' itself (fingers crossed) so I'm back in blog land. But saying that I'm trying to cut down - I've done very little writing recently. My mojo seems to have taken a holiday and I need to kickstart her by concentrating of getting words on paper so to speak. Caroline x

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

M.I.A.... at home has serious Gremlin probs so I've been MIA for a while! Typing this at work where I have limited time. But as Arnie says, "I'll be back"... Caroline x

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cream crackered - Part II

Just realised that I haven't blogged for ages - sorry! I've been a bit hectic with "life" recently - my poor old gran (92) has been in hospital. It was touch and go but she is now back in her OAP Home and feeling a lot better. She's not quite "right" but she's a lot better than she was.

The one thing about a loved one in hospital is just how time much your life revolves everything medical. As the only one in my family to drive, I was going there every day (which I didn't mind of course), but also I was the only "taxi" available for my family ferrying them to and fro as well. Again I didn't mind, but boy is it tiring!

Other things going on? Well we're looking at moving (those that know me will scream "again" - hee hee) but we have the opportunity to purchase a house with a loan from the Welsh Assembly Government - which helps those (us!) that can't afford a 100% mortgage. It's a good scheme, and they told us that we meet their criteria - so it's all systems go. House hunting as we speak!

So all in all I've been a bit scarce on the blogging and writing front recently - I hope to get back in the saddle soon. And guess what? I haven't even had a chance to vote yet on the NV 2nd Chapter. Shock horror - I'm surprised the site hasn't crashed I was on there so much - LOL. Take care. Caroline xxx

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Am I losing the plot....

....or what?

Now it maybe old age creeping up (I'm nearer to 50 than 40!) but I've been saying some mighty odd things lately. Here are a few:

1. To the husband: "Now no eating between snacks - dinner is nearly ready."

2. "I'm putting my foot down with a firm hand."

3. When referring to my dogs and their daily "habits" : "They are so Pavlova dogs."

4. Referring to *everything* as "Watchyoumacallit" - which annoys the DH something chronic!

Of course there are so many more - but taking into account the above - I can't now remember any more of them!

So... any thoughts? Have I lost the plot? Has my addiction to New Voices seriously addled my brain (yes!)? Or am I just going eccentric, as I approach middle age? Let me know will you. Caroline x