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Monday, 29 March 2010

Wedding photo's!

Doing this very quickly - as I am at work! So no chat - just pictures! Caroline xxx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

And another one!

This morning! Drove over new manhole cover and blow me down it's snapped in half again. I've lost count of the "broke" things now. It's getting to the stage where I just laughed this morning! Caroline x

Friday, 26 March 2010


This quote was on Kate Hardy's blog this morning - "However, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction – which means I’ve also been hit by three baddies this week."....and it got me wondering about the week I/we have had!! Why? Well as all you kind people know I got married last week and this week is supposed to be our honeymoon. We had planned to stay at home and do days out etc. But there have been lots of "broken" things that have happened this week. Let me fill you in - and for any of you with "special powers" who read tea leaves etc. all I can ask is "What does it mean!!!!????"

1. Sunday morning - early 'phone call from someone close to us telling us that their relationship is over (Broke 1) - serious talking to and lots of advice given - finger crossed etc.
2. Monday morning (8am!) - 2nd phone call saying their relationship is SO over that nothing can save it now - *sigh* (Broke 2).
3. Tuesday. New mattress delivered by Argos (no sniggering now - we've needed a new one for ages now honest!). Delivery vehicle drives over manhole and smashes it to pieces. (Broke 3). Lots of phone calls to Argos re reimbursement etc.
4. Wednesday. Visit to dentist to fix broken tooth. (Broke 4).
5. Thursday. Not too bad - had a nice morning with grandson. But then in the evening washing machine broke down along with back window screen wiper on DH's car. (Broke 5 & 6)
6. Friday. Took dogs out in DH's car. Switched radio on. Nothing. (Broke 7). I'm suspecting that the electrical gremlins have got in DH's car.

So like I said - lots of "Broke" things this week.

Some good news though - apart from all the above - we have had a few nice days out and I'm picking up the wedding CD ROM this afternoon. Yay! Caroline xxx

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sorry Guys!

Sorry Guys! The links to some of the wedding photo's are via my niece's Facebook site. So *I* can see them but you can't. Technology and me are always the tenuous of friends at the best of times - and this is one of them. But as soon as I get back to work on the 29th I promise to post some. Caroline x

Friday, 19 March 2010


Duhh - got it wrong - but if you jiggle with it you might be able to view my niece's pictures! If not - sorry!

More picci's

Another picture of me and Colin and my mum and dad. I've pinched them from my niece's facebook!


Try this? It may work or it may not. If it does I'll post some more!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Birthday and Wedding Day.

We had a GREAT DAY yesterday - thanks to ALL of you who have posted comments. My wedding day was fabulous. The sun shone (unlike today - it's raining and cold!!!) everyone turned up, there where no glitches, and we had a lovely sit down meal. Our reception finished at around 6pm and when we got home we were totally exhausted. No way could I have coped with an evening disco. Way too old for that one. I am now Mrs Caroline Hartin. Yay - not before time some said yesterday.

As well as yesterday's BIG DAY on Monday it was my birthday and my two friends from London came up early to take me out. We had a great afternoon having high tea at a local posh hotel. It was the first time I've ever had "proper" afternoon tea. Sad I know but true. Then after tea we all ended up back out my house and cracked open the bubbly. We then staggered back to the hotel where I was staying the night (as tradition dictates before the wedding) and had a right laugh drinking more champagne. So it was great to see my oldest, bestest friends in the whole wide world just before my big day. Kath, Paula and I have known each other for 28 years now.

Hope this post gets to everyone - as my phone line is actually down at the moment; and I can't post piccis until I go back to work on the 29th as I don't have the facilities here on my pc - sorry! Caroline x

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Forgot To Mention...

...this great site for fab information on Publishing Houses and Agents - Passionate Pen. Check it out and keep it as a favourite - I know I have. (

Making everyone cry - me included!

I sent an email request off last week to Radio 2's "Sunday Love Songs" hosted by DJ Steve Wright (0900 - 1100am). I asked for a dedication on his "Getting Hitched" spot for today. And guess what? He played it! Woohoo. Dead chuffed. On national radio - a first for me at least. I send the dedication in for our forthcoming wedding, along with a dedication for Colin's mum (since it's Mothering Sunday today) as she can't be with us on our wedding day as she's still in hospital (since September - bless). So if you want to be as sad as me and have a listen it's on the Radio 2 website - iplayer - around 44 minutes into the show.

So that's why I made everyone cry. Weddings don't half up the emotional tempo - I'm feeling very teary at the moment - but nice teary - if you get my drift. I'm just an old softie really.

Birthday tomorrow - my best mates in the world (Kath and Paula) are coming up from London tomorrow and taking Colin and I out for afternoon tea. Then it's getting ready for Tuesday and the big day! Finger's crossed - everything is done and dusted. All it needs is for everyone to turn up and have a good time. Caroline xx

Sunday, 7 March 2010

10,9 more.....

.....days to go before "the day" - i.e. my wedding day. Everything is done and dusted. People booked and paid for - all that remains is for me and the DH2B to turn up. Considering the distractions in organising said do I've been quite good and gotten some writing done (well editing wip no 3 at least.). And I've been (quite) good and not been blogging too much - only my fave sites of course. Next week is a bit hectic though. Busy week at work then its my RNA Lunch on Thursday. Trisha Ashley is promoting her new book and the girls are giving me a "shower". Then on Friday it's my hen night with the girls from work. Then next Monday (15th) is my birthday, then the 16th the wedding. Yay. Caroline x