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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

48 hours to go....

....before we complete on our new house! And it's only 24 hours until I go off line until 31st of March. So apart from reading and blogging whilst at work during my lunch hour I'm going to be a bit in the wilderness blogging wise. Cripes what will I do!? I'm addicted to blogging. Hey ho. Caroline x

Friday, 4 February 2011

We've Exchanged Contracts.... 12 noon today! Yay! We've to wait another week until next Friday and then the new house is ours! Doubly Yay! I'm well happy today. But never let it be said that moving house is easy! I've been rushing around like a headless chicken. Yesterday spent the morning cleaning the new house of plaster dust and general builder's leftovers before the carpet fitters arrived. It was the hardest 3 hours work I've done for a long time! Great for workout though as I'm trying to get a bit fitter.

I've also been having to do most of the other (myriad) of things that need doing when moving house as my poor DH has a very nasty bout of food poisoning (Campylobacter). It started on the 20th of January, and like most men, he thought it would "get better". Last Friday I finally manged to get him to the doctors, and they confirmed Camplyobacter earlier this week. This is now his 3rd week of incapacity. Read between the lines - but the poor DH is housebound if you get my drift!!! Anyone out there know what to recommend? The doctor said he couldn't give antibiotics and he has to avoid dairy products and drink lots of fluid. But as of today - he's as bad as he was 3 weeks ago!! This is making for a lot of lost sleep for both of us! So any tips gratefully received. Fingers crossed he's better next week as we've a marathon move ahead of us.

Hands on heart - I've done very little writing - life is just too, too hectic at the moment. I've a big court case on at the mo, work wise, so my poor brain is addled to say the least. However I do find blogging helps me relax though - so I've not given that up ;)

Anyway - enough rambling - got to do some more packing!