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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Loser Part II...

....went to FatClub tonight (aka WeightWatchers) for my weekly weigh in. I've been a good girl since I started (with a bit of help from a nasty stomach bug this weekend , not to mention a bereavement which saw 5lbs off!) I joined on the 29th of March and as of today I've shifted 30.5lbs of fat. I've been averaging 2/3lbs a week and I've only had one "weak" moment where I put half a pound on one week.

So I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. I've got to set a target weight. The DH doesn't like "skinny" and to be honest if I lose too much weight I look ill. But I'm still holding too much flab around my middle - always the danger zone so the doctors say- so I need to shift this. I'm thinking another 10lbs to target.

Of course as any woman will tell you - the hardest part is keeping it off and maintaining goal weight! But I want to do this - not so much for vanity - more for my health. I'm nearing a major "0" birthday (the one after 40 but not before 60) and I need to consider my long term health.

Speak soon - love Caroline xx

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sad Today...

My lovely, brave mother-in-law (Rita) passed away yesterday. She was 71 and had been suffering with cancer for over 2 years - often in terrible pain.

Cancer is a horrible disease, and Rita fought a long and hard fight against it. She was initially diagnosed with bowel cancer about 3 years ago. She had that treated and was living with the after effects (colostomy bag etc.). Then about two years ago she went back to the doctors saying the cancer had returned. She was referred back to her original consultant. Without going into too much detail Rita and this consultant had been a loggerheads over her original cancer treatment and when he said rather arrogantly that he didn't think she had cancer, saying it was probably just a hernia Rita wasn't best pleased! She told him she knew her own body - and that it WAS cancer. Cue lots of tests and guess what? She was right - it had returned - a massive tumor on her kidney which subsequently spread. Guess who had to eat humble pie?!

My husband and I are so glad she is out of pain now - although we'll miss her terribly it was SO hard to see her in pain all the time. People say it is a blessing, and I think they are right. But we will miss her. I'm already dreading Christmas, birthdays etc. poignant reminders that Rita is no longer with us. I've been asked to do a reading at the funeral. If anyone knows a fitting bible passage (I do have some up my sleeve) then please let me know.

Thanks for listening. Caroline x

Saturday, 9 July 2011


...sorry if I've offended anyone - but it's what every editor says - "get them with the opening hook so they want to read more."

Did it work? Probably not!

Anyway there is a bit of truth to the title - I can't believe it's over a month since I last posted a blog! Where does the time go? Not to mention that Blogger has been misbehavin' like no-one recently. Can't comment, or if I can, then only as "Anonymous" - very disconcerting.

Have I been a good and done lots of writing? Ehh no! Just 2 short stories. Pathetic really.

I heard that New Voices (the HM&B Writing competition) is going to be happening soon, so I might give it another go. Not sure what genre to tackle this time. Last year it was a Historical - but the old grey matter is toying with a mystery thriller of some sort and I've been searching the web logging onto the FBI, CIA and DEA websites and downloading information. Yikes! Can I do that? Download information from their websites? I might find myself on some "list" or some such. So if I mysteriously disappear and you never hear from me again assume 1) I've won the Lottery or 2) I'm being interrogated by MI6! You heard it hear first...

Until next time...if there is a next time.....Caroline x