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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Critique Partner anyone?

Ummm. I might be hanging myself out on a limb here....but here goes. "Does anyone fancy being my critique partner?" There I said that very fast and with a wistful tone in my voice I can tell you.

(If you don't want to reply via this link then my email address is )

If not. Then does anyone know if there are any blog sites that cater for this particular field? As you can see from my blog site I write historical HM&B but also mainstream HM&B as well.

Other news? I've put to bed the big "R". Thanks for all the cyber hugs both on the blog and via email. Much appreciated I can tell you. Will now get cracking on finishing off Roman historical number 3. Are Romans in or out I wonder? Michelle Styles wrote some great ones a few years ago that got me hooked. But since then not a lot. I wonder if they will come back in fashion again? I think there are a few Hollywood blockbusters out next year featuring Romans. I'm sure I read that somewhere. So you never know they may come back with a vengeance!
Take care. Caroline x


  1. Louise Allen did the MOST WONDERFUL Roman book Virgin Slave, Barbarian King! I adored it.
    I'm both hooked on Rome and Michelle Styles' Vikings. Think the vikings just have the edge for me...wistful sigh! jx

  2. Suzanne - email winged back to you! Thanks. Caroline x

    Judy - Gosh yes! I forgot Louise's "Roman" it was good and as I recall had a really good cover as well. Take care. Caroline x. (ps. email winged back to you as well!)

  3. Having a writing partner is a great idea - I have one, and it's helped us both to finish our novels this year, so I do hope it works out for you :o)

  4. Hi Karen. Thanks for stopping by. I now have 2 crit partners. Yay! Take care. Caroline x

  5. Have you read the Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers? WONDERFUL Roman historicals.

    And I think I saw a Roman historical amongst some of the newest Historical releases on eharl.

    Best of luck!

  6. Hi Maisey - thanks for stopping by. No I haven't read the Mark of the Lion. Will google them and see if they are available. Take care. Caroline x p.s there is a new Love Inspired Roman out - The Gladiator I think as well.

  7. OH...*snicker* I had asked you that already!! But definitely check them out, especially as you're aiming at Love Inspired. They're wonderful and the hero is not a Christian (and he's Roman) and the heroine is (and Jewish) and it takes place around the time the Romans sacked Jerusalem.