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Friday, 9 October 2009

RNA - Dragon Chapter

I've just come back from the monthly RNA (Dragon) Chapter meeting. we have here in North Wales. I haven't been for a while as "life" kept getting in the way. But I'm glad I did today. I always come away feeling enthused - and today was no different. We are a group around 15 or so. Roughly half are published and the published authors ALWAYS give us unpubs. loads of moral support and lots of helpful advice.

Today was particularly good as a lot of us had our NWS reports/critiques with us. Lots of +ve reports all round (it was a bit like comparing school reports!) and lots encouragement from the published authors as a result. One of our ladies had a second reading and that was so encouraging it actually listed the agents/publishing houses she should send it to. Way to go!

I broke with tradition and actually asked one of the authors if she wouldn't mind reading the first 3 chapters of a HM&B Historical. I felt a bit cheeky doing so - I've never done it before so it was a big step to do so - but she didn't mind at all! So thanks June (Francis) (HM&B Historical author) it means a lot to me. Here's hoping it's not the dogs dinner and she thinks the story has promise....I'm feeling nervous already!

So if any of you are members of the RNA and don't go along to a local chapter - please do so. You won't regret it!

Take care. Caroline x

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  1. One thing that never fails to impress me about published writers is how helpful they all are towards we wannabes.