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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cream Crackered...

....don't know about you guys out there in blogland - but I'm exhausted. New Voices has closed (for now) and to be truthful I've been consumed by the whole thing! I've loved it. Reading (and commenting) on way too many entries - over 800 at the final count - can you believe that there are so many of *us* out there? Wow so many of us with dreams of becoming published by M&B it's amazing!

And what's even more amazing is the sheer variety of the entries, considering that the premise is that the H/h get together at the end! There have been some FANTASTIC entries - the writing is amazing and there are some authors out there who have the "Voice" that (I think) M&B are looking for. A lot of the authors I *know* through reading their blogs and following their journeys, and I seriously hope they get through, I really do.

I'm still checking my entry every day - VERY SAD Caroline - I know, I know - but it's addictive stuff I tell you. Goes without saying that I can't wait for Round 2. I just pity the poor editors having to pick just 10. Caroline xxxx

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pssst. My New Voices entry has been sent....

....and gulp, I decided to send it under "Caroline Storer", I had planned on chickening out and sending it under another name - but considering how blunt (but I hope fair) I've been to other authors, I thought it only fair to allow them to get their own back!! So be kind people, and go and have a look. I've got broad shoulders, so don't hang back. I would welcome any feedback - after all that's the only way we will "grow" as authors.

So...It's called "The Roman's Revenge" in the Historical category.

I wanted to post one of those link thingies where it takes you direct to a site - but even after a year of blogging I *still* don't know how to do it! So if any of you fellow blogger's have a few minutes to spare to tell me how to do it I will be eternally grateful - be warned tho' -I'm rubbish at anything IT!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

New Voices Competition....

.....Don't know about you - but I'm hooked. It's like the X Factor! I haven't read all the entries - it could become addictive I tell you - but I got up at 6am to get some more read (just don't tell the DH!). And talking of the X Factor am I speaking out of turn when I say that some are good and some *ahem* are not so good?

But saying that, all the entries so far - especially those subbed on the 1st day (how brave are they?) deserve a huge round of applause. I've not subbed yet and I'm so stressed about it. It's a 1000 x worse than sending it off to an editor/publisher I tell you! Your baby out there - ready to be read by everyone and anyone! OMG pass me a paper bag I'm hypering.

Anyway what am I going to do? Well I'm going to do a "Jackie". That's a Jackie Ashenden to you and those in blogland who know who I'm talking about. Jackie subbed it under her own name (and it's great BTW - "Talking Dirty With The CEO - check it out) - and that's what I'm going to do. Next week. I'm too uptight to do anything right now - I need to go and Mr Sheen my chapter (polish!) some more. But before that I'm off now to read some more entires before I have to go to work. Bye. Caroline x