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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Harper Impulse - meet the author....ME!

My publisher has put up a blog post about me - which is nice!

Check it out here:

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Yup!  That's what I've been doing since the 20th of February when my debut release "The Roman" launched itself into the big world of book publication.

As a first time author it's something you just have to do.  Unless you just happen to have a name that you can trade on (famous parents/married to royalty etc. etc.), or you are  Celeb of sorts (A - Z lister and anything in-between) you have to promote yourself like no-one's business if you want your books to sell. 

Once friends and family have bought a copy, then any sales after that are down to hard work, frankly.  I've spent hours and hours on tinternet (my spelling!) promoting my book.  I've done quite a few blogs, and the latest is here if you would like to go and have a look.  I'm talking, of all things, about my wedding shoes! 

However, if the above sounds like I'm whinging - believe me it's not meant to be!  I've made lots of new "friends" on BookFace (my version again) and Twitter.  I've had some lovely reviews as well (not many - but quality rather than quantity IMHO!)  And in truth, it's been a blast.  I've even managed to gain myself a couple of "fans"!  Quite, quite lovely to be honest.

So, I'm now well into the revisions of Book 2 and that should (I hope) be released later this year.

THE ROMAN - ROME AD 79 - The one woman he ever loved was the one woman who betrayed him.  And now, the Roman will have his revenge…  Amazon *****5 star review – “A Perfect Voice for Historical Fiction” – Historical Romance Reviews – AND - Harlequin author, Michelle Styles says –A lovely debut from a highly talented author. Her eye for historical detail helps to bring this steamy emotional roller coaster of a story to life. A fantastic read for when you want to escape into another time and place.”

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Speak soon - Caroline x