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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

All my favorite blog sites are choc ablock with N Y R and Goal Settings which all makes interesting reading as well as giving me much needed motivation!

So call me a lemming I'm going to hang myself here and list mine. It will be interesting to see if I keep any of them! So - deep breath - here goes!

1. Write more. Rather obvious I suppose. But this needs to be done at the expense of the internet. I love blogging and get side tracked way too much. So N Y R number 1 is to write 1000 words a day - and then - and only then - do I switch on the internet! (People let me tell you this is going to be the hardest one to keep!)

2. Lose weight. Way too heavy. I need to lose weight because at the grand old age of 47 I'm getting married again - March 16th 2010. I need to lose weight so I don't look like a total lump of lard when I try to find something half decent to wear on my *big* day.

3. Try not to get too stressed at work - which is quite hard since my boss is a TOTAL stress puppy - who when stressed infects all of us his stress!

4. Exercise more! I do walk the dogs most days but I need to up the ante. See 2 above!

5. Try to get published - I aim to send out more partials to various publishers - rather than finishing off whole books first. I know some authors say you should write the whole book 1st - but I'm going to give the "partials" a go for a while - say the 1st 6 months of 2010. However I do have to finish off one whole ms as I intend to submit this to the NWS this year.

Well there you go! Like I said it will be interesting to see if I achieve any of these - but N Y R are there to prompt you on I say.

Happy New Year everyone! Take care. Caroline x

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Flippin' 'Eck! It's ugly out there!

Have you seen the furore on the iHeart Presents blog over the competition results? If not go take a look - but I think everyone in the whole world of romantic writing has blogged on it - me included! I did try to keep out of the heated debate - merely pointing out that HM&B are out to publish books and the publishing world is a highly competitive business. 'Nuff said I think! Phew but it's ugly over there - which is quite sad really as EVERYONE I've ever had dealings with in the Romance Community has ALWAYS been lovely!

Anyway enough of the negativity. Yes I was disappointed both for myself and my two CP's whose entries were tons better than mine (waves as Suzanne and Judy) - but I am still going to be +ve about the whole thing. I've got lots of fingers in lots of pies at the moment. So here are my New Years Resolutions:

1. Polish up the 1st 3 Chapters of Historical Number 3 and send it off to HMB - whilst finishing the whole book off by end of January.

2. Re-jig Historical Number 2 and send it back to NWS (2010) - to see if it gets anywhere. (It did get a very good 2009 NWS Report.)

3. Instead of writing whole books (some would say that you should but....) I'm going to have a go at writing the first 3 Chapters and the synopsis on the one's I've got posted on the sidebar. Get them out and see where I get with them.

4. Try to be more productive. I've been really bad these past few weeks. "Life" keeps getting in the way at the moment. (Dad in hospital and my lovely M-I-L still in hospital - 16 weeks and counting - bless her!)

Anyway - Have a great Christmas everybody - just in case I don't blog before the 25th!

PLL - Peace, Love and Light - Caroline x

Thursday, 3 December 2009

2/10 - Could do Better! (See me after school)

After a really productive week 2 weeks ago - lasts week effort was pathetic! Only managed to type 1.5k words. *sigh* The reason? Tired. Day job mega busy. Very sick relatives. Xmas shopping. Babysitting. That's it really - that thing called "life" that gets in the way of our publishing schedules (wow that sounds pompous!) But you know what I mean. We set ourselves targets. Sometimes we hit them, other times we don't. So my target this week is to try and do 5k words by Sunday evening. I'll let you know!