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Friday, 24 February 2012

Hello? Is there anybody out there....?

....I'm only asking as it's been an AGE since I last posted. Mucho apologies - that old saying "I don't know where the time goes" springs to mind.

Again, all I can say is sorry. Life seems to just keep getting in the way at the moment. Presently its work related. As an EHO specialising in housing issues (think landlords/tenants) my "busy" time of the year is winter. I get a lot of complaints about housing conditions - especially damp and mould. So I get to inspect a lot of damp dingy houses (nice - not) and then have to do something about it, either by writing to the landlord asking them to do/fix something (and if they don't pointing out our enforcement powers). But sometimes the condition of a house is not because a landlord won't do something. It's a delicate thing trying to explain to a tenant that the house they are living in -that is seriously affected by black mould and thier children are suffering from chest infections- is actually being caused by thier own actions. This is something that happens a lot - and has definately been affected by the current economic climate. People have to decide whether they heat thier homes or put food on the table. I've had scenarios where people have ripped off wooden doors for wood to put on a fire as they can't afford to run a heating system.

I often find that some of the work that I do definately finds its way into my writing life - especially my short stories. Pretty much anyone who writes will tell you that your creative process is very much driven by what you've experienced, or are experiencing, in real life. For example I wrote a short story recently about an eccentric old man who had eliniated his neighbours. This was definately drawn from "real" life. Again in the day job I deal with "F&V's" - Filthy and Verminous. We ofen have to get into a property and clean it up - and sometimes the person as well! It can be upsetting, but at the same time rewarding. 9 times out of 10 the person who you are trying to help is (initially) very hostile to what they see as interference. But once we've cleaned them up so to speak, arranged for help via social services etc. they often thank us for helping them. It's very often a cry for help - things have gotten so bad - that they just can't cope anymore.

Anyhoo - enough wittering - I've got work to do! Speak soon - Caroline x