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Saturday, 22 May 2010

It's time to go into the Bat Cave......

.....and not come out until:

1. My NWS MIP (Mess In Progress) is done and dusted! I *need* to get this ready by 1st July at the latest on the premise that the NWS (and poor Melanie Hilton) is snowed under come the August deadline. So head down and "GO!"

2. I need to finish my latest WIP (not to be confused with the MIP above!) This is book 3 that needs a final edit - and as Jane Holland pointed out on her recent blog - "why does the edits and rewrites take more time than the actual 1st draft...." *sigh*

3. I'm also enjoying, at the moment, writing lots of short stories which I am subbing to the WOMAGS (Women's Magazines). I never thought I could do "short" but I have surprised myself by actually having some "out there". I've also joined an (invitation only) blog group (there are 12 of us) who sub (anonymously) a short story every 2 weeks. We then critique each others stories and this gives valuable feedback on plot, character, and (more importantly) whether there is a chance it could be good enough to be sent to various editors at the WOMAGS we all target.

SO WHAT DOES ALL THE ABOVE MEAN? Well my amigos it means I'm going to go AWOL for a while. Less blogging, less commenting until numbers 1 and 2 above are done and dusted.

I can feel the withdrawal symptoms fast approaching - this bunny *loves* blogging. But wish me well and god speed (etc) and I'll "see" you all soon....(sob).......Caroline xxxx p.s. well.....maybe a couple of my "favourite" blogs will still get read and....well you get the picture.