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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Big "R" - Rejection that is.....

Big Big (((Sigh))). I'm feeling sorry for myself. After waiting a long time I had a letter back from HM&B today. "Thanks but no thanks". It was a standard rejection letter. It annoyed me a bit (can I be annoyed? Is it "allowed"?) for the following reasons:

HM&B - " Ensure that your characters and conflict are character driven."
NWS - Report - " You write with fluency and skill, and in Justina and Marsallas you have created two very attractive central characters. In particular you did a very good job of showing...(rather than telling)."

HM&B - "Focus on the internal emotional conflict of your characters".
NWS - Report "The developing love story between Marsallas and Justina is strong and emotional. You depict the historical background with a very good sense of detail...I like very much the concept of Marsallas demanding that Justina be his mistress to repay her perceived betrayal of him..."

HM&B - "Use secondary characters to add richness and depth to your central romance but don't let them take over."
NWS - Report - "Your secondary characters are also delightful and I feel that you have created a very nice set of characters without diverting attention from the central relationship,"

HM&B - "Target your book to a particular series - this means you need to read current books in the series you are aiming for..."
NWS - Report - "You are aiming the book at Mills & Boon's Historical romance series and it is clear that you have researched the publisher and what they are looking for."

So that's it rant over. Best to vent my spleen and all that. (I'll probably regret putting this out on my blog site tomorrow - but there you go!) I'm half way through my current WIP - another Roman aimed at HM&B Historical. It may be that "Roman's" aren't in at the moment. I'll finish this one off, send it off and then perhaps consider switching to another time period or have a go at a "Modern" or an "Intrigue".

Sorry for the rant - but thanks for listening! Take care. Caroline x


  1. Oh, Caroline, I'm gutted for you. I've been there myself more times than I care to remember and it isn't nice. But I'm so glad to see you're preparing your next submission. And you're very brave to post the details.



  2. Thanks for the cyber hugs Suzanne much appreciated. I probably shouldn't have vented my spleen as I've probably blacklisted myself! Yikes! Ah well, too late now! And besides I was giving a different point of view wasn't I? At least the reader at the NWS liked it. Well that's my excuse anyway...Take care. Caroline x

  3. Hugs, Caroline - standard Rs in particular really do sting.

    I'd say put this one in a drawer for now (to cannibalise it later!), keep going on the current one and maybe tweak it slightly to get more emotional punch (that's the tough one and I still get picked up on it) and rein the secondaries back slightly so you keep the focus on the hero/heroine. It's something I find hard, but my ed always says that you need to keep them on the page together as much as possible.

    Well done for having the persistence to keep going. (Give up, and you're definitely not going to be published - listen to the eds, fine-tune the next one accordingly, and you increase your chances.) Good luck!

  4. Hi Kate. Thanks for your wise words of wisdom - much appreciated. I won't give up. I'll put it away and carry on with the next one; and as you say up the ante on the emotional punch. Thanks again. Take care. Caroline x

  5. Hugs Caroline. Rs are the pits. It's a loss and we all need to do what we do to cope with that ughy feeling, so don't fret.
    But what has been said is right.
    The NWS report confirms this one has great potential. You've had amazing comments (kudos!)
    So pop it away for now but I'm sure it's day will come.

  6. Ahh thanks Judy for the cyber hugs! Much appreciated. As you say onward and upward. I won't fret. Today it another day and all that! Take care. Caroline x

  7. Ooh Caroline... I just found your site and it seems I arrived on a not-so-great day! But I'm glad I'm here to offer cyber hugs and commiserations! Very perplexing and contrary feedback you had here!!

    I'd decide you got an editor on a bad day - lol - and believe what the NWS critter said *big grin*!!! Just get back on that horse and write, write, write!!!

  8. Hi Rachel. Great to "see you" on my blogsite - and thanks for the vote of confidence and cyber hugs. I like the idea of getting an editor on a bad day! Shall I change the name of the wip, send it in my mother's name and address and see if it gets another editor? It's tempting but...I think I'll put it to bed and concentrate on the current wip. Thanks again for stopping by. Take care. Caroline x (p.s. - I like your new blog layout. It's lovely.)

  9. Caroline, as a fellow recipient of a form R this week, (gasp still getting over it) if you wanna chat send me an email...judy at judy jarvie dot com. We R girlies have to stick together!
    Glad you're made of sterner stuff! jx

  10. Ahhhh Judy - massive hugs on the "R". They do suck don't they!? I've got over it by putting another 2 books on my side bar that I will (eventually) attempt to write! I will email you as soon as it is working - it's been a bit off and on this week. Thanks for stopping by - and double (((HUGS))) on the "R". Take care. Caroline x

  11. Keep going, Caroline. I know how the Rs can hurt. It's annoying with an R like that not to know what the particular problem was but don't let it stop you. Here's a big huge chocolate martini for you! :-)

  12. Sorry I'm coming in late on this one Caroline, I just wanted to add my cyber hugs and say try to hold on to those positive comments as they were at least personally generated.

  13. Ahh thanks for stopping by Lorraine. Much appreciated and I am holding onto my NWS +ve comments. You never know.....Take care. Caroline x