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Wednesday, 21 October 2009


On Kate Hardy's blog yesterday there were some lovely photo's of clouds and she asked us to let her know if we had some that we liked. Well as luck would have it I came out of my door this morning and saw this wonderful sunrise over the Snowdonia mountains as well as a "misty" inversion over the Malltraeth Marshes. Spectacular! Take care. Caroline x


  1. Gorgeous. I adore clouds, which is just as well as, on the way home from our holidays this year, my daughter pinched my camera and filled it up with photos taken from the plane. Apart from a couple of the Forth Bridge as we were landing, the rest are all of clouds.


  2. Caroline, what a fantastic view! Utterly beautiful - no wonder you write historical. It'd inspire me, too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Your pic of Copper Mountain is also intriguing...

    all best
    Kate x

  3. Hi Suzanne. Hi Kate. Thanks for stopping by. The picci's are gorgeous aren't they! BTW if you look closely at the mountains in the background you can see that I have got a good view of one of the mountains I call "Elephant Mountain" as it looks like an elephant sitting down. There is the slightly peaked "hump" of the elephants back then you can follow it down over its head to its "trunk" resting on the ground. Can you "see" it? It's clearer in the 2nd picci.

    Kate - Copper Mountain is a former cooper mine just outside Amlwch here on Anglesey. It's one of only two geological formations of its type in the world (the other is in Japan). It excites geologists from all over the world apparently. I'm currently working on some contaminated land issues there at the moment as the acid mine water is the most polluted in the whole of the UK - pH 2 believe it or not! Take Care. Caroline x

  4. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for stopping by. Your pictures are amazing too! Take care. Caroline x