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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Some writing sucess at last....

......I've won second prize in Writers' Forum Short Story competition.  Happy days!  It's for a short story I wrote AGES ages ago - Alegra's Fairy Tale Wedding.  I subbed it to all the Womags (except Peoples Friend - it certainly isn't a PF story!) and got no-where.  You read about "moving on" in the writing world - i.e. forget the rejections and write something else.  But....sometimes you just love a story and believe in it.

This is what I felt/feel about AFTW, so I didn't give up and subbed it just before Christmas to Writers' Forum.  Then in January a lovely email from Sue Moorcroft saying it had been shortlisted; and then last week another email from Sue saying it has come second (£150.00 prize as well!) 

The story will be in March's (26th) publication so I'm looking forward to seeing my name in print (at last).  Caroline x

Hello! Or maybe not....

...why?  Well for some reason as I type this email it JUST might get published.  Since my last blog-post in July I've been unable to post ANYTHING!  But now, without not quite knowing how (!) I've managed to type something into a "new post".  Fingers crossed, when I press "save" it will and you will be able to see what I have written.

Sooo...what's been happening with you Caroline, I hear you ask?  Wellll.....I'm still waiting to hear whether I've been successful with my Editor Pitch (despite a couple of prompt emails).  The editor still has it and will get back to me hopefully in a few weeks.

Best go - I just lost what I've just typed and managed to find it again!  Fingers xrossed I get to post this!