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Friday, 30 April 2010

Has it been THAT long?.....

.....since I last posted? Nearly 2 weeks. Time just seems to be flying (unlike the planes recently lol).

Writing wise I've been hit by the short story bug. I was lucky enough to get onto a private blogsite that consists of 12 writers who target the womag short story market. The remit of the group is to submit a story once a fortnight which is then critiqued by the others. Honest, and frank advice is given about it's chances "out there". The group consists of some published short story writers, and some (like me) unpubbed. I feel quite excited about being in this group, and this has fueled my creative juices to such an extent that my brain has been working overtime. I think I'm up to 28 short story plots that have either been fleshed out, written, or in a folder marked "TO DO".

Other news? My dear M-I-L who has been in hospital since September may be able to come out next week. Fingers crossed she can as it is her 70th birthday on the 8th of May and it would be fantastic if she could have a party with friends and family. I'm doing the "Race for Life" next weekend in aid of Cancer Research which I enlisted for as MIL had bowel cancer so wish me luck. Caroline x


  1. That's great news about all those short story plots Caroline. Sounds like you are really on a roll! You put the rest of us to shame... ; )

    Really hope your MIL makes it out in time for her birthday. That really would make it something extra special to celebrate.


  2. 28 short stories? Already? I'm completely in awe.

    Hope MIL is discharged in time - I'm sure it would gve her and everyone a real boost to be able to celebrate her birthday.

    Tons of luck for the Race For Life.


  3. Oh the best of luck with the Race for Life. They are fantastic events. Good luck with the stories.

  4. Hi David, Suzanne and Colette. Thanks for stopping by. Yes my brain seems fried at the moment. Every time I read something I think "Oh that could be twisted to make a short story..." Of course it means I have to write them first and as we all know "quantity doesn't always mean quality!" lol. Have a great weekend. Caroline x

  5. I like the word 'unpubbed'. I really can't wait to be 'pubbed' though lol

    Wishing you the best of luck for R4L. I did it last year and the support on the day from everyone is amazing. I am taking part again in June.

    Good luck with the stories and here's hoping your M-I-L is home in time for her birthday

  6. Hi LilyS - thanks for your support. I hope we have nice weather next weekend. But up here in north Wales anything goes. Caroline x

  7. Good luck with the Race for Life, Caroline! Oddly enough, I've just signed up today at my local gym again, after two years of no exercise and far too many packets of crisps. I'm nearly 16 stone, argh!

    First thing I did when I got home was sign up for a Race for Life 5k in early July, basically to give me a goal and motivate me to keep going back and staying off the crisps ...

  8. Wow, Caroline! That's a huge lot of short story plots! I'm impressed. Short stories are things I just cannot write. Go you!

  9. Hi Jane - good luck with the gym (I can't abide gyms. More a water babe me - or rather I used to be!) Like you I way too many packets of crisps and need to lose weight. But unlike you I have no motivation to do anything about it!

    Hi Jackie. Yes it is a huge amount of plots - but as I said earlier it may be a case of "quantity not quality" lol. Have a good weekend. Caroline x

  10. Good luck with the race for life and keep those short story ideas flowing.

  11. Oh, swimming! Makes me feel like a whale, lol. Far too self-consciousness in a swimsuit. But I love all that shiny metal in the gym. Brings out the GI Jane streak in me. Not to mention being able to watch all those rugged young men in the free weights section whilst pounding away on the treadmill. ;)

    28 plots is pretty extensive. Are they all romances or other types of story too?

  12. Oops, 'self-conscious', I mean. Too busy sucking on a boiled sweet to see what I was typing. But this is precisely why I need to visit the gym!!

  13. Hi Rachael - hope you are well. It seems an age since Fishguard doesn't it? Caroline x

    Hi Jane! LOL on the whale. Unlike you I don't care what I look like in a swimming cozzie. I'm thick skinned when it comes down to it. I get in the pool, swim cap on and Speedo goggles at the ready then blast up and down - doing the odd length of butterfly - which I used to be very good at in a previous lifetime! I love to see people's expressions and can even see them thinking "blimey she's not bad for a fat old girl." But then I always say "have you ever seen a slim whale?" On the short stories - funnily enough *none* of them are romances. Mainly crime and ghost stories for some very odd reason I can't fathom. I just bow to where my muse is at the moment! Caroline x

  14. Yay on the short stories, Caroline. Go you!!

    We all do the Race for Life in my family, too. Always a great cause.

  15. Hi Joanne. Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to Sunday - Race4Life - hope it's not raining tho'. Caroline x

  16. Great to have you with us at W2W, Caroline. :-)

    Good news about your MIL, and good luck with R4L.

    Crumbs, all these acronyms! X

  17. Go Caroline! That's really great, on both fronts. I'm in awe of those short stories plots, wow. And the Race4Life sounds great. I'm cyber cheering you on!
    Hope your MIL gets out for her birthday party. My MIL is staying at the moment while having hospital visits.