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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Blame it on the sunshine....

....but not as the song goes "on the boogie". Blame what? My very poor attendance at the PC this week that's what! The sunshine has been 'acallin' and I've been very naughty sitting outside in the garden and soaking up the rays. My only excuse - it was a loooong winter this year and I'm making the most of it. Also doom and gloom in the Sunday newspapers today saying that the ash cloud from Iceland is going to mean a bad summer apparently. *Growl* What worse than last year? Surely not! So all in all I've not had much enthusiasm to do any writing this week on the wip.

I have done a few bit'n'pieces - namely getting my first ever short story out into the post and landing on some poor editors huge intray. I've also finished another short story and I'm fine tuning a 3rd. So at least that's something to report.

Sorry Judy - your critique is about 1/2 done. Promise to get it done this week.

Like I say - Blame it on the sunshine....

Best go. At least I wrote this blog today....that's something I suppose. Caroline x


  1. Great going with the short stories, Caroline. Sending postive vibes for good news soon.


  2. Good luck with the short stories! You're lucky coming up to summer. We've just had ours. :-(

  3. Hi Suzanne, Jackie and Lacey - thanks for stopping by - fingers crossed - I'm sending the second one out this week. Caroline x

  4. Yay on the short stories!

    And, goodness me, our summer can't be any worse than last years can it? Ash clouds or not, it can't be worse surely?!

  5. Hi Joanne! I'm with you. Please let us have a nice summmer this year! Caroline x

  6. It's good to get out into that fresh air and sunshine. Helps the mind. lol... Oh no that ash must be bad. I've seen in on the television and wonder how people are managing to breathe.

    Good for you and those short stories, better out there than still in your computer. Good Luck with them, fingers crossed.

    Suzanne :)

  7. Fingers crossed for the stories - good luck.

  8. Thanks Suzanne and Colette! Caroline x

  9. Working on three short stories sounds like pretty good going to me! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you on that score.