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Thursday, 8 April 2010

5 - 5 - 5 Blog Award - sort of!

Thanks to going onto Masey Yates Blog I got this Award by default!

Question 1: Where were you five years ago?
1. I was living in Gwynedd, just over the "border" in North Wales.
2. I hadn't even thought of writing then. I was a "reader" only.
3. I was working for Anglesey County Council - but full time. Now I only work part-time - BIG result!

4. We only had one dog. Now we have 2 - another rescue dog.

5. I was engaged, but now I'm married.

Question 2: What is (was) on your to do list today?

1. Take the grandson out for the day. We did and had a great day.
2. Re-read my story and edit. Done it.
3. Take dogs out for a long walk. Done.
4. Hoover. Failed. Too busy taking grandson out and having fun! Yay!
5. Write blog. Done.

Question 3: What five snacks do you enjoy?

1. Chips. (French fries!)
2. Digestive biscuits
3. Crisps .
4. Toast and jam
5. Tea (especially if answer 2 accompanies it!)

Question 4: What five places have you lived in?

1. Germany
2. Quatar
3. Saudia Arabia.
4. England.
5. In my head - creating stories - a great place to be IMHO.

Question 5: What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?
1. Buy a villa somewhere hot for breaks.
2. Buy a house in the UK with a study that overlooks the sea.
3. Sort out all my friends and relatives so they don't have to worry about money again.
4. Put my MIL in a private hospital so she could be sorted out asap. She's been in hospital since Sept 2009 - I kid you not!
5. Give a whack of money to my favourite charaties including the setting up of my own dog and cat rescue centre!

Thanks Maisey for nominating me - sort of!


  1. OMG, you changed your surname too! I thought 'who's this stranger then, commenting on my blog?' and it was YOU!!

    I feel all disturbed now, like the universe shifted.

    Or it could just be that I need some more painkillers for my toothache. It is about that time ...

  2. I'd set up a publishing house if I was a billionaire, and publish the kind of poetry I like but which few other people do, lol, and ditto for prose. Just give people a chance, I suppose. I'd lose money, of course, but so what?

  3. Hugs Jane on the toothache - there is *nothing* worse IMHO. Chew those painkillers chew I say. Caroline xx

  4. Yay, great list! I lived in Germany, too. But none of those other exotic places you've lived in :-(

    I'm am so observant (oh, ok then, nosy) that I love these blog things so we get to learn more about each other.

  5. Me too Joanne. And I don't call it nosy - more inquisative - after all we are writers who need to know these things - lol. Caroline x

  6. Yay, great answers Caroline! And I loved you took your grandson out rather than hoover - that's what's really important eh?

  7. Hi Suzanne and Jackie. Thanks for stopping by. Caroline x

  8.'re welcome, Caroline..

  9. Hi Maisey! Thanks for stopping by. Caroline x