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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

No really. I'm not panicking but....... wedding is fast approaching. This is what's on my "Done", "To Do" and "Failed" List.

Done List
1. Wedding ring bought
2. Photographer booked
3. Reception booked
4. DH2b outfit bought
5. Invitations sent out (there's only 20 - so that wasn't too hard)
6. Registry Office booked
7. Girls at work are organising my hen night - lovely!

To Do List.
1. My outfit needs to be bought. Have booked a day off work next week and I'm dragging my poor mum around the shop until a) I get and outfit or b) I run screaming into the hills never to be seen again. Unfortunately b) is odds on favourite at the moment!!!
2. Need to get myself some flowers.
3. Need to arrange transport for my family (I am the *only* one in my family who drives!). So I need to organise a small mini bus to pick them all up etc. etc.
4. Need to get a cake.

Failed List
1. No surprises here (for those who know me anyway) - but I have failed to lose any weight! (So sorry Kate (Hardy)). I'm one of those women who when stressed just eats. I've always envied friends and family who say "I'm so stressed I've lost 20 pounds." Grrrrrrrrrr.
2. Promised myself that as this is only a small informal wedding (which it is) I won't stress about it. FAILED Miserably. Can I blame the girls at work? *They* have been more concerned about the plans for the wedding than I have. "You haven't got an outfit yet? Aren't you worried?" "You haven't ordered flowers yet? Oh!" Ewwwww. Up until then I wasn't too bad - but I am now!!!!!!!! Got to have a break to cry into my tea.

Only consolation - DH2b loves me as I am! Thank goodness - but still - I do need to wear *something* nice!

As for writing? Well actually I have been doing edits on Book 3 funnily enough. It takes my mind off the above. That and blogging on my favourite sites. That helps enormously - and I've won 2 books in the last week - so a bonus.

Take care. Caroline x


  1. Hugs Caroline. Didn't realise you are about to get MARRIED. Major congrats. Sounds to me like you've done plenty. You will find your dress, she said in a fairygodmother type voice. I sense it's out there waiting. Just for you...

    Actually I spent more on my chief bridesmaid's dress (Selfridges aherm...purple velvet with a train because she had the figure for it) than I did on my wedding dress. I like simple and she suited tres glam (size six - grrrr) so both of us were happy. If you can find what you want for a bargain why opt for crazy money is my motto.

    Chant this mantra: everything is going to turn out just fine! jx

  2. To do:
    Attend Kate Walker's Writing \Weekend - have a lot of fun - relax and enjoy thinking about writing not weddings

    And of course DH2B loves you as you are - that's why he asked you to marry him! Relax- it's you being there that matters to him. And I speak as someone who organised my wedding to the Babe Magnet in 3 weeks flat . . . It will be wonderful because of you and him - the rest os just trimmings!

    See you soon


  3. Hi Judy. Thanks for the cyber hugs. I think it will all turn out well in the end! Caroline x

  4. Hi Kate! You don't know *how* much I am looking forward to Fishguard! And I'm impressed 3 weeks to organise your wedding. See you soon! Caroline x

  5. How exciting! When is the big day?

    And how brilliant you have Kate Walker's writing weekend coming up. I have an afternoon workshop in Hull with Kate on Monday. I can barely wait :-)

  6. Weddings are desperately stressful, don't sweat it, we've all been there! (Well, those of us foolish enough to tie the knot, that is!) My first wedding was the Full Mongty - big meringue dress, vast reception, limo to the church, honeymoon in Rome. I crashed my car on the morning of the wedding, having argued with my mother and aunt over flowers, and then screamed out of the gate down to the florists' ... CRASH!

    Second time round I went for informal. So informal, it was hard to spot that we'd actually done it. The registrar at Bodmin said it was the quickest ceremony she'd ever officiated at. It was about 3 mins long. Do you? Yes, I do. Thank you very much, sign here, take these away with you, and that's the exit.

    I was pregnant with my fifth child at the time. We had two witnesses - collegaues from my husband's work - and all our other children were there. That was it. No other family, no other guests. Sheer heaven.

    Back to the house for half an hour of sandwiches - which both the witnesses refused! - then we went off for one night's honeymoon in Lyme Regis, a tiny room in a B&B.

    I absolutely LOVED my second, informal wedding. The first one was so complicated and stressful I actually cried going down the aisle. My dad thought I'd changed my mind!

    So don't worry about it. Even if things go a bit wonky on the day - and they always seem to, one way or the other - the less stressed you are about that possibility, the more you'll enjoy your special day.

    So something goes wrong ... so what? Just slip out the back and elope instead!

  7. Oops, that should have been Monty. Though Mong-ty is kind of appropriate. ;)

  8. Btw, we didn't even tell our respective parents about the wedding until after it was done and dusted. Couldn't face the hassle ...

  9. Hi Joanne. Thanks for the support. The *big* day is the 16th of March - day after my 47th birthday - so double celebration.

    Hi Jane! Thanks for cheering me up! Yes. I was hoping for a stressfree buildup. But I swear to god I was doin' all right - but the girls at work seem to be in a frenzy about it for some reason! I wish I had just gone and done it without telling anyone - just like you did. Have a good weekend! Take care. Caroline x

  10. Deep breaths, Caroline. It will all slot into place and you'll have a FANTASTIC day (Psychic Sue has spoken). Just make sure you get plenty of photos because we'll all want to see them.


  11. Hi Suzanne. Panic is over somewhat. I *have* found an outfit that:
    a) Fits
    b) Looks quite nice
    c) Does not make me look like a sack of potatoes.
    So thanks to you psychic Sue for predicting that it will all come together! Caz x

  12. You're going to look gorgeous Caroline! Will there be pictures? I hope there'll be pictures :)

  13. Hi Lacey - there will be pictures - promise! Take care. Caroline x

  14. Beware "girls in the office"! My daughter was going to have a simple do with sausage and mash down the pub afterwards. Then the "girls in the office" said, BUT YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DRESS!

    It was relaxed, it was fun, but it wasn't down the pub!

  15. Thanks for stopping by Liz! I now have a dress yay! Caroline x