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Monday, 15 February 2010

A sneak preview.....

At long last I've got myself an outfit for my wedding! This had been causing me major stress I can tell you. The photo on the left is the fascinator that goes with the outfit....

Will be back next week to post about how wonderful a time I had at Kate Walker's writing weekend in Fishguard! Take care - Caroline x


  1. I'm glad you got the outfid sorted, Caroline. Look forward to seeing the wedding photos.

    Have a great time at Fishguard.


  2. Ooh it looks lovely. So pleased you're sorted. You will do it! And you'll look ravishing. jx

  3. When are you getting married Caroline? You'll have to tell me all when we meet at Fishguard. See you Friday!!

  4. Wow, that does look 'fascinating'! Can't wait to see the whole outfit.

    Enjoy the writing weekend. Do please take notes and give us the low-down when you get back. I'm still not sure if I can afford the RNA conference this summer - monies from my late MIL's estate will apparently take up to six months to arrive! - so I'm feeling a bit depressed about that and need a pick-me-up. :(

  5. Have a wonderful time, Caroline. The two hours I had flew by, I would've loved a whole weekend. Although who would look after the 5 kids if I went away for a weekend I just don't know!

    Jane, don't know if you'll read this comment but if the executors all agree it's possible for all beneficiaries to have interim payments. If the Solicitor says it isn't, remind them that the executors are paying him!! You can always take the Will elsewhere to go through Probate.

  6. That looks lovely Caroline - really sophisticated and pretty. Are you going to model it for us in Fishguard?

    See you Friday


  7. Hello girls!

    Hi Suzanne: Will post lots of photo's promise!

    Thanks Judy!

    Hi Rachael: See you Friday! (I'm coming up on Thursday night to relax into the weekend proper!)

    Hi Jane: Thanks. Hope the MIL's estate is sorted soon. But Joannes comments are interesting though.

    Hi Joanne: 5 children! Blimey where do you get the time to do any writing! Kudos to you.

    Hi Kate: Thanks for stopping by. 2 days to go! Yay.

    Take care. Caroline x

  8. looking forward to meeting you on friday caroline!