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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Writing....but not the "write" sort....

You know we all get one of those (ugghhh) weeks...well this week and last week were mine....So apologies for the mega whinge that is about to be dumped on you poor people.

1. Monday 11th - take DH2b to A&E. He's been laid up for a week prior to this with swelling in his foot. (Being a man he kept saying "I'll be all right".) 7 frigg*ing hours later go home. Foot not broken - just badly sprained. Spend next 4 days wearing metaphorical nurses uniform tending to "patient". (Did feel sorry for DH2B though as this is an underlying problem. DH2b has cream crackered feet that just "go" on average 6 times a year - which means he is laid up. )
2. Tuesday 12th. Given a piece of work to do in the day job that has me typing furiously and stressing mega big time all of last week, all of the weekend (except Saturday - see later) and all of this week so far. In short I've become a barrister providing legal advice on stuff that is WAY out of my comfort zone. This is all well and good but I am NOT a barrister! So I've been writing stuff that I don't want to write and totally not doing the writing I want to (romance) as I'm just soooooo tired! I know all you hardened cynics will say that you write no matter how tired you are - but not me - I just can't concentrate not to mention being brain dead.
3. Saturday 16th - Have a break to visit my gran in her OAP home. Turn up with mum to find call out doctor there who advises she has a possible thrombosis and has to go to hospital asap! Take mum to A&E. Get there at 3pm. Leave at 10pm. No word of a lie one of the doctors who was there on Monday the 11th nodded at me as if to say "oh hello you again...."
Today - Thursday 21. Back to hospital with DH2b for a check up on his shoulder - which was operated on last summer.

Like I said one of those (2) weeks. Now POSITIVE thoughts!
1. I will do MY writing this weekend.
2. Grandson is 2 on Saturday and we are going to have a fun party.
3. Going to enter Donna Alwards "pitch" competition. MUST do this today as it ends tomorrow.

Sorry for the whinge and thanks for listening. Caroline xxx


  1. Oh gosh, Caroline, anyone would need to vent with all that going on. What an awful week, no wonder you've had no time to do any writing. You must be mentally and physically exhausted. I know it seems a silly thing to say, but you'll understand--there's nothing as tiring as sitting around waiting.

    Hope you get time to write this next week and the DH2B and your gran are well soon.

  2. Hi Joanne. I feel a tad guilty now having re-read my mega whinge! But thanks for the message of support! Caroline x

  3. Hugs, Caroline. Hope things look up soon.


  4. Thanks Suzanne - you are lovely! Caroline x