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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Aw Mum - but it's cold outside!

Could two dogs get any closer to the fire if they tried?


  1. Don't blame them. I've been carrying a hot water bottle around for weeks (indoors, outdoors - everywhere).


  2. Aaah! My cats are just the same.

    Caroline - I posted on your new year post but it seems to have disappeared. So Congratulaitons on the upcoming wedding - good luck with the resolutions and I hope I might just be able to help a bit with the getting published one when we meet at my Fishguard course. Well, I can try and help with that one but we might sabotage the losing weight one as we do tend to have just a little bit to drink at these weekends!

    Looking forward to meeting you

  3. Hugs Suzanne! Scotland has been hit hard - hope the thaw comes soon! Take care. Caroline x

  4. Hi Kate! Thanks very much for stopping by. Hope the cats are keeping warm. The upcoming nuptials are rapidly approaching! But we are only having a small wedding so I am *determined* not to stress out too much.

    Can't wait for Fishguard! Any wise words will be gratefully received I can tell you! Take care. Caroline x

  5. Happy New Year Caroline!

    How cute are your furchildren?

    Congratulations on the wedding! How exciting! Are we allowed to demand photos?

  6. Hi Lacey! Furbabies are lovely. Photo's will be available - subject to heavy vetting! Take care. Caroline x