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Monday, 4 January 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Hello all! Hope you all having a good New Year - yes I know it's only 5 days in -but I'm aiming for optimism this year!

Managed to keep to my N Y R so far! Blogging *after* I've done my daily word count has proved the hardest. Is it only me or do others out there love blogging as much as I do?!

Like most of the UK it's blinkin' cold out there at the moment! But (fingers crossed) where I live has so far escaped any major blanketing of snow! This is because we are an island, and as such the salt air does help in keeping away the white stuff. Ten miles up the road is a different story of course as the Snowdonia mountain range is awash with the stuff. Lovely to look at but treacherous none the less! The mountain rescue team have been busy over the holiday period. Apparently they had to rescue 2 men who decided to climb Snowdonia in jeans, thin anorak and trainers! I tell you! How stupid can you get. Unsurprisingly they fell foul of the cold weather and had to be rescued. Both are suffering from hypothermia and are still in hospital!

Ah well. Enough whinging! Back to the wip - which I am managing to plod on with, albeit at a tortoise pace! Take care. Caroline x


  1. It's freezing. We haven't been above minus 2 for two weeks now. And the council's run out of grit.

    Three cheers for the mountain rescue team (but it does annoy me that they have to risk their lives because people don't bother with the proper equipment).

    Hope the wip is going well.


  2. Hi Suzanne. Hugs on the snow - you've had it bad! Caroline x

  3. Blogging eats my time. I love it, but how much more would I write of my WIP without it?

    On the other hand, the information I pick up from other blogs, plus the general networking and profile-raising side of things, is sooooo worth the time expended. If nothing else, the pressure to keep up the blog maintains the pressure to keep writing the WIP. It's the online equivalent of a guilty conscience.