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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sorry Guys!

Sorry Guys! The links to some of the wedding photo's are via my niece's Facebook site. So *I* can see them but you can't. Technology and me are always the tenuous of friends at the best of times - and this is one of them. But as soon as I get back to work on the 29th I promise to post some. Caroline x


  1. No hurry Caroline - enjoy the honeymoon! (no-one's expecting to hear from you over the next few days!)

  2. Or we could all boost your niece's friends list ;-)

    Seriously, have a great week off and enjoy your special time with hubby.

  3. Hi Caroline,
    Just checking out your blog for the first time, it's really good. Anyway hope your enjoying your hols. It's going to take some time gettin used to calling you Caroline Hartin - sounds really good though.
    You're such lovely people am so happy for you both. Congratulations to you both and thanks for a lovely day we felt honoured sharing it with you.
    Best Wishes
    Anne & Gary

  4. OMG! Anne - I love you too babes! It was a lovely day - in a strange way (!) I'm looking forward to going back to work just to see you all! Love Caroline x p.s give Gary a great big smacker from me - only if it doesn't make him blush of course!