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Friday, 26 March 2010


This quote was on Kate Hardy's blog this morning - "However, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction – which means I’ve also been hit by three baddies this week."....and it got me wondering about the week I/we have had!! Why? Well as all you kind people know I got married last week and this week is supposed to be our honeymoon. We had planned to stay at home and do days out etc. But there have been lots of "broken" things that have happened this week. Let me fill you in - and for any of you with "special powers" who read tea leaves etc. all I can ask is "What does it mean!!!!????"

1. Sunday morning - early 'phone call from someone close to us telling us that their relationship is over (Broke 1) - serious talking to and lots of advice given - finger crossed etc.
2. Monday morning (8am!) - 2nd phone call saying their relationship is SO over that nothing can save it now - *sigh* (Broke 2).
3. Tuesday. New mattress delivered by Argos (no sniggering now - we've needed a new one for ages now honest!). Delivery vehicle drives over manhole and smashes it to pieces. (Broke 3). Lots of phone calls to Argos re reimbursement etc.
4. Wednesday. Visit to dentist to fix broken tooth. (Broke 4).
5. Thursday. Not too bad - had a nice morning with grandson. But then in the evening washing machine broke down along with back window screen wiper on DH's car. (Broke 5 & 6)
6. Friday. Took dogs out in DH's car. Switched radio on. Nothing. (Broke 7). I'm suspecting that the electrical gremlins have got in DH's car.

So like I said - lots of "Broke" things this week.

Some good news though - apart from all the above - we have had a few nice days out and I'm picking up the wedding CD ROM this afternoon. Yay! Caroline xxx


  1. Weird. I've no insights into all those breakages. Hope you get your new bed soon - after all what's a honeymoon without a new bed?!

  2. Hi Sally - thanks for stopping by! It's all been a bit weird really! Caroline x

  3. Very odd. But yay for picking up the cd rom - can't wait to see the photos.


  4. Thanks Suzanne. Some of the photo's aren't too bad. Caroline x

  5. Wow what a week! Yay on the wedding CD ROM can't wait to see those photos :)

  6. Wow, what a weird week! I think it's an omen that you'll have a lovely happy marriage. The broken things are happening outside of your control. Good things happening inside your control, i.e. your new hubby :-)

  7. Just thought I would say hello. Stumbled upon your blog. I just started one "waiting for publication". I too am a "writer in waiting" and that's why I decided to start a blog. The idea was a place to share with others who are trying to get published, people in the same boat, trying to paddle upstream :D