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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Forgot To Mention...

...this great site for fab information on Publishing Houses and Agents - Passionate Pen. Check it out and keep it as a favourite - I know I have. (


  1. Lacey it certainly is! Getting excited already! Caroline x

  2. Hi Caroline and Happy Birthday. I hope this message goes through as the other ones I've sent have disappeared! Hope you are having a wonderful birthday and that tomorrow is a lovely day - have a fabulous time. I'll be thinking of you!

  3. Happy Wedding day!!

    Hope it's been lovely, everything went brilliantly, and you've got your very own HEA.


  4. Happy Wedding and birthday!

    Hope you've had a wonderful couple of days. Also hope you got the sun I sent, we had some here so hope it was shining where you are :-)

    May you have many happy years with your DH.

  5. Hi Kate, Jane and Joanne. We had a GREAT DAY thanks very much. The sun shone (unlike today - raining!!!), everyone turned up, there where no glitches. Had a lovely sit down meal and got home at around 6pm -totally exhausted. But we then spent a lovely hour or so opening prezzies and cards. Hope this post gets to everyone - as my phone line is actually down at the moment! Thanks everyone! Caroline x