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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Making everyone cry - me included!

I sent an email request off last week to Radio 2's "Sunday Love Songs" hosted by DJ Steve Wright (0900 - 1100am). I asked for a dedication on his "Getting Hitched" spot for today. And guess what? He played it! Woohoo. Dead chuffed. On national radio - a first for me at least. I send the dedication in for our forthcoming wedding, along with a dedication for Colin's mum (since it's Mothering Sunday today) as she can't be with us on our wedding day as she's still in hospital (since September - bless). So if you want to be as sad as me and have a listen it's on the Radio 2 website - iplayer - around 44 minutes into the show.

So that's why I made everyone cry. Weddings don't half up the emotional tempo - I'm feeling very teary at the moment - but nice teary - if you get my drift. I'm just an old softie really.

Birthday tomorrow - my best mates in the world (Kath and Paula) are coming up from London tomorrow and taking Colin and I out for afternoon tea. Then it's getting ready for Tuesday and the big day! Finger's crossed - everything is done and dusted. All it needs is for everyone to turn up and have a good time. Caroline xx


  1. Aw, how lovely. Am of to have a listen.

    Weddings are supposed to be emotional - and if you're happy-crying then it must be right.

    Happy Birthday and Happy Wedding Day. Have a terrific time and we'll see you again when you're a married lady.


  2. Ahh thanks Suzanne! Luv ya babes - Caroline x

  3. Happy Birthday Caroline!

    Exciting times for you, lots of luck for a fabulous few weeks.


  4. i will be thinking of you, have a lovely day.

  5. H Joannane and Judit - thanks very much x Caroline