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Sunday, 11 September 2011

10 Random things about me...

Thanks to Teresa for for nominating me for this. So here goes....

1. I got my motorbike licence before my car licence. One day I aim to get another motorbike (or trike) and become an eccentric old lady.

2. I spent most of my early years living in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf.

3. I'm really bad at grammar - a trait that brings constant frustration in my urge to be a writer.

4. The "Teresa" link is the 1st time I've managed to insert a link into a blog; and only because my step son is sitting next to me as I type this and showed me how to do it! So, in essence, I'm rubbish at technology!

5. Since 2001 we have moved house/flat 9 times! The latest was in Feb this year. I've now laid the law down and said this is the last time!

6. I love Spitfire aeroplanes and one day would love to fly in one.

7. I love the mini series "Band of Brothers" and I've watched it every year since it came out - notably on the 6th of June each year - D-Day.

8. If the TV exploded I wouldn't be bothered one bit. But if my computer exploded....well that's another matter.

9. I love motorhoming We have an old 'van - and go to our favourite campsite whenever we can. The fact that the campsite is only 10 miles away is irrelevant. Once we are "away" we are away and on holiday!

10. I used to be a slavish follower of heavy metal and in my 20's and spent all my money going to concerts. I still love rock music. My one regret was that I never saw Led Zepplin.

Thanks Teresa. I'm now going to nominate anyone who wants to have a go Caroline ;o)


  1. Like you, I never got to see Led Zep either, but I did see Status Quo and ZZ Top.

    Nice list.

    MxLike you, I never got to see Led Zep either, but I did see Status Quo and ZZ Top.

    Nice list.


  2. Go the heavy metal! Cool post Caroline. :-)

  3. You are a better motorbike rider than me, Caroline! Loved your ten things :-)

  4. Ooh, I feel like I know you even better now, Caroline! x

  5. Awww thanks Amanda! Caroline x

  6. Great fact, Caroline. I envy you your motor home - I lust after every one I see. One day, maybe.


  7. Thanks suzanne. The MH is old like me, but she still works and we get lots of smiles, as we've covered her in cartoon stickers. Caroline x


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