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Monday, 3 October 2011

Pssst. My New Voices entry is up....

.... and I would love it if you could have a look see and pass on any comments you may have.

It was hard pressing that "send" button I can tell you and I nearly chickened out! Nerve wracking more like - like airing your dirty laundry for all the world to see.

But it's done now. So if you fancy a read (and would like to vote) you can find my entry here. Just in case I cock up the link - it's on the New Voices (Romance Is Not Dead) website - in the Historical section and it's called "Mistress to the Roman." Thanks - Caroline x p.s as I'm a coward I entered it under my married name of "Caroline Hartin" ;o)


  1. Well done, Caroline and good luck :-)

  2. Thanks Teresa. Much appreciated. Caroline x

  3. Oh, gotta read that one. Adding to the list! I love some Roman hotness. I still haven't gotten over James Purefoy as Marc Anthony on Rome. *mrrrrowl*

  4. JP is soooo hot I *Know* exactly what you mean! ;o) Caroline x

  5. Read it, loved it, commented and awarded the full bouquet. (Or rather Maggie did - but she does what I tell her, so that's okay.)


  6. I am an addict of stories set in ancient Rome. Your chapter is really well written and sets the scene well. I hope to see you in print soon.

  7. Thanks Suzanne - sorry I'm late in posting a response to you - I thought I had a while ago - obviously not!

    Many thanks hydra - good to see you over here. So glad you liked my opening chapter - it means a lot to me. I think I'll finish it off and send it off to M&B - you never know... Take care - Caroline x