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Monday, 14 September 2009

Crows of Doubt...ever circling closer!

Eww! Gone through my HM&B contest first chapter - again (and again and get the drift!) and I have concluded that it sucks!

Why? Well for the following reasons:
1. My initial optimism has been replaced by pessimism - in other words the crows of doubt have circled, landed, and have pecked me to pieces, and then they've flown off cackling to themselves.
2. No matter how many re-writes I do it still isn't working.
3. I seem to lack realistic dialogue. My H/h talk like something out of a (bad) 1950's B movie.
4. I've read recently about "character arc", "story arc", 3 point planning and I haven't a clue what they mean. I just write a story. Is that so bad? I don't know!

I've just whined to the darling dh. He's very supportive bless, and has just told me to submit it anyway. He's also reminded me that perhaps it's time to re-read my myriad of "How To Write" books. Yes me thinks Kate Walker needs to come off the bookshelf once more. Take care. Caroline x


  1. I hear you, Caroline - haven't even started on my comp chapter yet and I know it will be rubbish.

    But you got some terrific comments on your rna sub, so I'm sure your chapter's brilliant. Dig out your report and reread it - have confidence, you're a great writer.

    I love a good 'how to write' book - have hundreds and am never done reading them (should probably spend a bit less time reading and a bit more writing...).


  2. Thanks Suzanne - you're a star! Will have +ve thoughts from now on and just submit the best I can...

    BTW. Loved your blog entry the other day. You are very funny. Have you tried writing romantic comedy? Not easy I know but you seem a natural! Take care. Caroline x

  3. The more you read and polish something, the worse it looks - trust me, I do that, too! - so I'd say leave it alone for a couple of days to brew, and then you'll have a lightbulb about why it isn't working for you.

    Dialogue... remember, in a book it's meant to move the plot forward, so it's not the same as real-life dialogue :o)

    "character arc", "story arc", 3 point planning - this is the stuff that I find scary and paralyses me. My take? You write a hero you can fall in love with, a heroine you'd like to be best friends with, and give them a strong conflict. The rest will come naturally - because you'll have the emotion there to underpin it. (That's the biggie with M&B - emotion, emotion, emotion. And yeah, I still get pulled up on that one after 40-odd books!)

    Hang on in there and try not to worry too much!

    Kate xx

  4. Thanks Hate. Very wise words indeed. I will put the ms away for a few days and then "re-visit" it. Thanks again. Take care. Caroline x