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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My first cyber visitor!

Yay! I've had my first visitor! And it was the lovely Kate Walker! Thanks Kate.

Well I seem to have got hold of this "create a blogsite in 10 easy steps" - but I don't want to be too complacent yet - I've yet to master the video clips and photo's bit...and the website links! I would also like to customize the front page - but again I'm going to have to go away and think about that a bit more! I have to say the blogger site is very user friendly and I can see why a lot of authors use it! No point in re-inventing the wheel and all that.

As I've intimated in my first forays on this blogsite I'm new to all this - and to the writing lark - which having read a lot of blogsites is not an easy thing to do - published or not. But saying that I have written 2 books now and part way through my third. I love the Roman period - so that's what I've written so far. Books aimed at the HM&B Historical line. I subbed my 1st last year after getting a good review from the NWS. HM&B turned it down. Although I'm not surprised (- it would have been to good to be true to get a 1st novel published me thinks - ) it's always a depressing moment when the rejection letter plops on the doormat. Last week I subbed my first 3 chapters and the dreaded synopsis into HM&B. Again I got excellent feedback from the NWS and following the readers excellent advice I re-jigged and rewrote parts of the book. I had to firm up heroine in the first part of the book and tone down the hero. Make him a bit more Alpha and not so uncouth! Hopefully I've done this and fingers crossed that HM&B will (at the very least) ask for the full. I live in hope.

I'm also going to enter the HM&B Presents competition and have roughly drafted out a first chapter and a sort of synopsis! It needs polishing up before sending it off. But I think the deadline is November so I should get this done by then. The I heart presents blogsite has all the details of the competition and it's even on their web bar at the top of the page. Anyway enough for now! Take care. Caroline x


  1. My hero was veering towards being too nice - so I've hopefully managed to alpha him up a bit (hopefully being the operative word) this time. I'm still struggling to meet the NWS deadline, so haven't even though about my comp entry yet - well done for having made such a good start on yours.

    Am keeping fingers crossed for you sub.

  2. Sorry, missed an 'r' off 'youR sub'. Shouldn't be allowed out some days.