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Friday, 21 August 2009


Can anyone help? I've tried to find my blogsite on Google and it does not come up. Any reason for this? Do I need to enable/disable something so I can be seen on the WWW? Any help graefully recieved! Thanks Caroline


  1. I realise you've only just posted this and I'm going to look like a cyber stalker, but I'm working on my horrible ms and so hitting my dashboard every five seconds to see if anyone I'm following has posted something new...

    If you go into your dashboard, you'll see manage blogs and a tab for 'settings' - click on this and it will bring you to a page marked 'basic'. Scroll down and you'll see options for allowing search engines to find you and this needs to be enabled. I think it takes a couple of days to show up on google, so I wouldn't worry too much just now.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Did you say you just set this up, Caroline?

    Great blog!

    And fingers crossed you get the call soon :)

  3. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for the tips. I'll get onto it straight away. Good luck on the ms. When I hit a bit of a ms that sucks I tend to leave it alone and write something else then come back to it. I've written the end of books before I've even started the beginning. It can focus the mind sometimes.

    Hi Nicola. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for compliment. Can't wait to read your online read today. Take care. Caroline