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Friday, 21 August 2009

The end of the week - at last!

Phew! It's been a long week - no make that month! I normally work 3 days a week at the day job - giving me time to spare for writing. But because we've been so busy at work I agreed to work O/T for the whole of the 6 week summer holidays. Week 5 and I'm cream crackered!

It's also meant that I've not been able to devote as much time to writing as much as I wished or hoped for. But saying that I've created my very own blogsite this week.

The blogsite has been fun to create. I've "learnt" how to do those sidebar thingies that I like to see on other author's blogpages. I've also mastered piccis as well. As I said in my earlier blogs I'm not that ofey with the old PC. Providing it works when I switch it on and I can create a document in WORD then I'm happy!

The blogsite has also concentrated my mind somewhat, and I actually got down to writing last night - and not just editing book 2 which I seem to have been doing for ages now! When I fired up "The Roman's Revenge" and read through what I've written so far I was slightly taken aback when I realised I'd forgotten the name of my heroine! Yikes. I need to seriously get back into this book, and hopefully Livia will forgive me for forgetting about her for so long! (For some reason I did remember the hero's name - Metellus! Maybe it's because I've got Hugh Jackman as my "model" for Metellus - can't think why!) Take care. Caroline x


  1. Well done - it took me months to work out photos (and I still have to get someone to load them onto the laptop from my camera).

    I think blogging does concentrate the writing mind, I know I've written more regularly since starting my blog. A lot of that is down to the sense of community - contact with other writers is so valuable.


  2. Hi Suzanne. I echo your comment about the romance community - contact with other writers is invaluable. Thanks for stopping by. Take care. Caroline x