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Thursday, 28 March 2013

My short story is in Writers' Forum....

....yay!  Pleased as punch to be honest.  It's only the second short story that I've ever sold!  So I'm feeling quite chuffed really. 

Hope everyone is ok in blog land - I'm very much a random blogger of late.  It depends on whether Blogger is behaving itself and lets me post something these days!

News wise - I've recently come back from Madeira where I celebrated my 50th birthday.  Had a fab time - DH spoiled me rotten to be honest!  But I'm not complaining.  I now need to get back to the writing and finish off one of my "Romans" and send it "out there"!

Hope everything is OK with all of you.  Caroline x


  1. It's brilliant news, Caroline.

    And terrific about Madeira, glad you were spoilt :-) x

  2. Read your story Caroline - loved it. Congrats on getting in Writers Forum.x

  3. Thanks Teresa and Scarlet. Caroline x

  4. You need to send more of your lovely stories out there, then you'd sell lots.

    I loved this one as soon as I read it, and I'm thrilled you sold it.

    And Madeira sounds fab.


  5. Awww, thanks Suzanne. You are a star. Thanks for stopping by. Caroline xx

  6. Glad you had a good time you deserve it.

  7. Thanks Colette! It was fab-u-lous holiday. The best I've ever had to be honest. Caroline x

  8. Caroline you've won a book of mine over at Nas's blog, can you send me your address via my website? Ta x

  9. Congratulations Caroline!

    I see Scarlet already adviced you of the win! Please contact Scarlet!


  10. Thrilled to see your short story in June's Prima - now waiting for the school run so I can sit for 5 minutes and read it while I'm waiting. Well done, Caroline. xx