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Friday, 1 March 2013

Halleluja! At last....

....I seem to be able to post a BLOG!  I've done something to my settings, and touch wood, it seems to be working at long last!  I just wish I was more technologically proficient to know what I'm doing!  Hope everyone is OK in Blogland.  I've been quite good recently on the writing front.  Here's a resume.

1. My short story (2nd prize) should be in the next edition of Writers' Formum (April), so I'm looking forward to seeing my name in print.

2. I had some good feedback from an editor at Entangled Publishing about my Roman Historical.  She said she liked my main characters, in that they "were well rounded and sympathetic" but that it (the story) needed to be longer.  I had sent her a 40k story whittled down from an 85k original (!)  So I'm in the final stages of bringing it back up to around 60k to fit their guidelines, which I will then resubmit to her.  Note to self - see you CAN edit when you want too!

3.  I've nearly finished another "Roman"l and I've also started a "Viking" as well!  I've got all these ideas in my head for stories that they fight amongst themselves all the time for which one will get written first! 

4.  I've also sent off a few short stories to the Womags - but I've heard nothing yet.  I think the poor editors are overwhelmed by short stories at the moment, as the market has shrunk as there a fewer and fewer magazines printing short stories these days. Which is, of course, a real shame.

Caroline x


  1. Yay - glad you've sorted out the blog :-) That sounds very promising about Entangled Publishing :-) And lovely that there are lots of ideas in your head x

  2. All sounds very positive :o) Good luck with your editing!

  3. Fab news Caroline. Buy the writers forum so will be cheering your story!

  4. Thanks, Ladies! Much appreciated. Caroline x

  5. Thanks, Colette. Caroline x

  6. So exciting! Congrats on the short story success, Caroline and fingers crossed for Entangled, that would be fab!!

  7. Thanks, Catherine. Entanged *would* be fab! Caroline x