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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Some writing sucess at last....

......I've won second prize in Writers' Forum Short Story competition.  Happy days!  It's for a short story I wrote AGES ages ago - Alegra's Fairy Tale Wedding.  I subbed it to all the Womags (except Peoples Friend - it certainly isn't a PF story!) and got no-where.  You read about "moving on" in the writing world - i.e. forget the rejections and write something else.  But....sometimes you just love a story and believe in it.

This is what I felt/feel about AFTW, so I didn't give up and subbed it just before Christmas to Writers' Forum.  Then in January a lovely email from Sue Moorcroft saying it had been shortlisted; and then last week another email from Sue saying it has come second (£150.00 prize as well!) 

The story will be in March's (26th) publication so I'm looking forward to seeing my name in print (at last).  Caroline x


  1. Hello there :0) Lovely to see you blogging again. But in a way (and although I've missed catching up on your news) I'm pleased Blogger isn't just picking on me, because I've had problems posting, too.

    Keeping everything firmly crossed for good news soon about your editor pitch.

  2. Technology is a marvellous thing when it works. Good to see you back.

  3. All the best! And yes, you will be able to add photos, links and other stuff as well! Just keep at it!

  4. Thanks Suzanne - yes Blogger has been very bad hasn't it!

    Hi Colette - too true, too true.

    Hi Nas - thanks for stopping by. Nit sure about photos and other links - it was hard enough just loading this blog-post - lol.

  5. Im glad that things are working up well with you now! I can't wait to read all your upcoming post :)