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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Feeling enthused.... last! Why? Well yesterday was our RNA Chapter lunch. I haven't been for a while due to babysitting restrictions, but yesterday I was determined to go as it was the lovely Trisha Ashley's book launch for her new novel the "Twelve Days of Christmas". Started reading it last night and it's great! Pure Vintage Trisha! (Go buy it!)

As well as the book launch it was great to catch up will like minded romance writers - both pubbed and unpubbed. I *always* come away buzzing at the end of the afternoon. What made me so happy this time round was that a lot of them had read my New Voices entry, and all of them were so complementary about it. So with my mojo recharged I've decided to do 2 things. 1. Edit and polish up my NV book and send it off to HM&B, and 2. start a new book. I'm a bit late for NoNaNo etc. but I'll give it a shot, and aim at getting a "dirty" draft done by the end of Christmas. I'm changing track slightly, going for a "Viking" instead of a "Roman". We'll see how it goes! I was so happy when I got home I just went "pah!" when I saw that I had received *another* rejection letter in the post. 5 in 2 weeks. Not bad, even if I say so myself - LOL! Take care. Caroline xxx


  1. Yey Caroline, that's the spirit. And your NV entry was super!
    I do do do love a Roman. But I also find Vikings irresistible. I say go go go! jx
    P.S. I'm doing Nano so if you need a whinge buddy I'm here. I find whinge therapy helps keep me going.

  2. 1. Yay
    2. Double yay ;)

    That's fabulous news Caroline I'm so glad that you're going to submit your NV entry!

  3. Rejections come with the territory and you have to risk them to get acceptances. Better luck next time.

  4. Keep at it Caroline, one day it will be better than a rejection. Good luck with the Viking!

  5. It is so great to meet up with like-minded people who write, isn't it Caroline? Good to hear you are raring to go on a new writing challenge. And don't worry if NaNoWriMo has already started - you can always start your today!

    Best of luck with it,

  6. Hi Judy, Lacey, Colette, Rachael and David - thanks for the votes of confidence. Caroline x

  7. Glad you are all fired up, Caroline - you go girl.


  8. Yes, get yourself all excited - ahem, that came out wrong, but you know what I mean! - and put some words on paper. I've got a local chapter lunch in Birmingham this coming Saturday (well, kind of local) and am hoping to make it, catch up with gossip etc. They are so worth attending!


  9. Thanks Jane! How's the book going?

  10. Hi and thanx for coming to my blog today, I also have a partial out in the medical office and my NV partial waiting in the wings. Good luck with your writing.