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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cream crackered - Part II

Just realised that I haven't blogged for ages - sorry! I've been a bit hectic with "life" recently - my poor old gran (92) has been in hospital. It was touch and go but she is now back in her OAP Home and feeling a lot better. She's not quite "right" but she's a lot better than she was.

The one thing about a loved one in hospital is just how time much your life revolves everything medical. As the only one in my family to drive, I was going there every day (which I didn't mind of course), but also I was the only "taxi" available for my family ferrying them to and fro as well. Again I didn't mind, but boy is it tiring!

Other things going on? Well we're looking at moving (those that know me will scream "again" - hee hee) but we have the opportunity to purchase a house with a loan from the Welsh Assembly Government - which helps those (us!) that can't afford a 100% mortgage. It's a good scheme, and they told us that we meet their criteria - so it's all systems go. House hunting as we speak!

So all in all I've been a bit scarce on the blogging and writing front recently - I hope to get back in the saddle soon. And guess what? I haven't even had a chance to vote yet on the NV 2nd Chapter. Shock horror - I'm surprised the site hasn't crashed I was on there so much - LOL. Take care. Caroline xxx


  1. Come on Caroline, pick your favourite and vote! I am still reading chapters on there and loving it, it's like a little world of free stories!
    Kisses to your gran xx

  2. Hope your Gran is feeling better and good luck wuth the house hunting.

  3. Hugs, Caroline. And love to your Gran - hope she's feeling better soon.

    Have fund house hunting. I love looking at properties and have a file of houses on my computer...Ah well, one day maybe.


  4. I'm glad your Gran is better, and I hope she continues to improve.

    Good luck house hunting - how exciting!!

    (and PS - yes, please read the 2nd chapters :) )

  5. That's fantastic news about your Gran! She's a battler :).

    The house hunting is great new too I'm so thrilled for you. (Does that mean I can have your cottage? ;) )

  6. Hi Caroline,
    I love elderly people, they have such fascinating stories to tell.

    All the best with the house hunting. I'd love to live on a few acres one day. (that's my goal) lol... :)