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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Love Inspired Historical

I've just finished polishing off my latest WIP - a Love Inspired Historical - a HM&B Steeple Hill imprint.

For those not familiar with this line it is HM&B's Christian imprint. I've read the guidelines and had a go! This book is a "Roman" set in and around Rome in AD63.
My heroine is a Christian. The hero isn't! That is the basis for the internal conflict in a nutshell. The external conflict revolves around the fact that the action happens in and around Rome before and after the "Great Fire of Rome", when in order to deflect blame from himself, the Emperor Nero blames the poor Christian's for starting the fire, and so begins their persecution.

I'm going to print it off - one final proof read - and then send it off to the New York offices next week. So wish me luck people. Take care. Caroline x


  1. Fabulous idea. That time period is VERY popular in Christian fiction. Did I ask already if you'd read Mark of the Lion by Francine Rivers? Keep us posted!!

  2. Haha...saw later of course that I have asked you, and you responded. Pregnant brain. :-)

  3. Congratulations on finishing the ms--and good luck with the submission!

    Caroline--I've tried to contact you a couple of times through the Pink Hearts blog--you were selected as the winner when I was the guest blogger back in October--but I haven't gotten an email from you with your snail mail address, and you said in your comments there that you'd contact me. Perhaps it got caught in a spam filter?

    At any rate--I just sent out a stack of prize books from the Intrigue Authors blog, and remembered that I still owe you a book. Please contact me if you're interested. If not, that's cool, too. Romantic suspense isn't every reader's thing. I'll mail it overseas if that's an issue.