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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Better late than never....sort of!

What am I rambling on about? NaNoWriMo - the "write a novel in a month". I wasn't going to do it -mainly because I'm a coward, but mainly because I'm 35k through my latest wip and I didn't want to start something new.

But because I've been so sparse recently on the writing front - ( mainly due to the latest "R" if I'm honest) - I've decided to set myself a target. To do at least a 1000 words a day until the middle of December. I've extended "my" NaNo time until then.

I've been spurned on to do this by reading Nicola Marsh's blog yesterday in which she talks about "sprinting" - writing something/anything in short sharp bursts - fitting it in around "life". I can do this I decided - so this morning - another first for me as I'm normally a night writer - I just fired up the PC and typed. 30 minutes later - 866 words done. Yay! Writer's apathy broken at long last! Now all I need to do is keep on top of it. Take care. Caroline x

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  1. That's really good going, Caroline. And I know (because I read your next post first) that it get even better. Well done.