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Saturday, 30 November 2013

I did it....NaNoWriMo that is...

....50,185 words to be precise.  Quite how many of those words are any good is another matter entirely!  But that's the beauty of NaNo - it's about getting words down and not what they look like.  Editing comes later - much later.

Hope everyone is ok in blogland.  Is it me, or is it very quiet out there at the moment?  I think Facebook and Twitter have taken over. 

Promise to post soon.  And when I do, I hoping to reveal some good news.  Words like "contract", "2 book" and "publishing" in the same sentence for example!  Caroline x


  1. That is fantastic, Caroline! Both completing NaNo and your forthcoming news - very exciting :-) x

  2. Thanks Teresa. Hopefully, all will be revealed some time this week! Caroline x

  3. Well done Caroline! Your news also sounds very tantalizing! Can't wait to find out more. X