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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hello and a plug for Linda Lewis's book!

Just popping in to say "hello" as I've been a bad blogger recently.  But, in my defence, this is because I've been having real trouble with Blogger recently.  (Is it only me? I ask!)  Some blogs I can comment on, some I can't - which is really frustrating.  And to cap it off, yesterday I lost this blogsite.  But I managed to get it back by typing in my phone number, whereupon I get a phone call with a verification code.  I presume this is standard practice - but I hate giving out my phone number!

Now don't die of shock but I've actually started writing.  I've had a writing hiatus for the past year or so!  But the other day, I wrote a short story in a couple of hours.  Halleluja chorus everyone - the words flowed, and I wrote the whole thing in one go!  And the reason for this complete change? A remarkable book I downloaded onto my Kindle called "The Writer's Treasury Of Ideas" by Linda Lewis who has a blog called "Short Story Writer".

Frustratingly for me, Linda's blog is one of the blog sites that I can't leave comments on at the moment -to thank her -  grrr - so if any of you kind hearted people could pop by and tell her that I am eternally thankful for all her great advice - then that would be great.  Linda has also gone through the mill recently (if you read her blog you'll see), so my thoughts are with her at the moment. 

And, of course, it goes without saying, that if any of YOU are having problems with your creativity then Linda's book is DEFINITELY for you!  Go buy it - TODAY!  Caroline x

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