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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tag You're It!

The lovely Teresa Ashby picked me to list some things about me - so here goes -

Q1 - Do You Think You are Hot?

A - Of course I do! I'm going through "the change" - I'm always hot. Night sweats gotta love them...

Q2 - Upload a picture or wallpaper you're using at the moment

A - Uhh sorry - no can do! I can't upload anything - I'm pathetic at tecci stuff. The picci on my blog site sidebar was done for me! Also that thingy where you say "to read more of this go here" and the "here" is one of those links to another blog site - duh - STILL don't know how to do that either! So take pity on me will ya and at least tell me how to do that simple task!

Q3 - When did you last eat chicken?

A - If there wasn't already a book entitled "100 Ways With Chicken" - I would have written it. We eat chicken ALL the time. Hubby loves the stuff. Tonight it was chicken jalfrezi. Nuff said! Tomorrow it is chicken pasta bake. It's a good job I like it to...

Q4 - The Song You listened to recently.

A. I don't listen to music CD's (shock horror, I know, I know) but I do like to listen to the Radio. There is a song being played at the moment that has struck a chord - of course I can't remember what it is called - but every time I hear it played it gives me goosebumps.

Q5 - What are you thinking as you do this?

A - I need to swiffer - there's a load of dog hairs on the floor! Sad I know - but sometimes housework has to intrude on my love of blogging!

Q6 - Have you any nicknames?

A. My brother (who's 16 months younger than me) could never say my full name when he was a toddler. Instead of Caroline he used to say Caca" which as some of you know is another word for poo! Thankfully, he grew up and now calls me by my proper name. But my dad, bless him, still calls me Caca. Also I go by the nickname of Caz.

That was fun to do! Thanks Teresa for nominating me. ;o) Caroline x


  1. Love your answers - I too have a swiffer handy, they're great little things aren't they.

    Your nickname!!! Those names given by toddlers are often those that are most treasured aren't they, even if they do mean poo!

    Teresa :)

  2. Hi Caroline. You entered my book give away over on Donna Alward's blog . . . please go to my website and use the contact me page to send me your address details so I can post it to you!