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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

New Voices Competition....

.....Don't know about you - but I'm hooked. It's like the X Factor! I haven't read all the entries - it could become addictive I tell you - but I got up at 6am to get some more read (just don't tell the DH!). And talking of the X Factor am I speaking out of turn when I say that some are good and some *ahem* are not so good?

But saying that, all the entries so far - especially those subbed on the 1st day (how brave are they?) deserve a huge round of applause. I've not subbed yet and I'm so stressed about it. It's a 1000 x worse than sending it off to an editor/publisher I tell you! Your baby out there - ready to be read by everyone and anyone! OMG pass me a paper bag I'm hypering.

Anyway what am I going to do? Well I'm going to do a "Jackie". That's a Jackie Ashenden to you and those in blogland who know who I'm talking about. Jackie subbed it under her own name (and it's great BTW - "Talking Dirty With The CEO - check it out) - and that's what I'm going to do. Next week. I'm too uptight to do anything right now - I need to go and Mr Sheen my chapter (polish!) some more. But before that I'm off now to read some more entires before I have to go to work. Bye. Caroline x


  1. Oooh, thanks so much for reading, Caroline! Glad you liked it. Yeah, it's a tiny bit of anonymity but I don't know whether it made any difference due to me telling people about it on the blog! Ah well, all my subs have been under that name so I'm sticking to it. Then again, since I'm STILL waiting on a sub, maybe I should have used my pen name to break the jinx! :-)
    Yep, it's not easy putting your baby out there but go for it! And let me know when you do so I can go read it!

  2. Wow. 6am! That's dedication.

    You should def enter. Very brave indeed. I'm just going to read them and enjoy!

  3. I'm totally addicted too! I stayed up till almost midnight last night reading (never stay up that late usually cos I have boys who get up at the crack of dawn. Well, I'm paying for it today. Gonna have an early night... that's if I can drag myself off the New Voices site. Can't wait to read your entry :)

  4. Thanks Jackie, Judy and Rachael - still biting my nails!

  5. I think Jackie might have the right idea too. I'm considering submitting under a pen name. That way, if it's horrible, there's still a chance people will buy my books in future lol. That is IF I get it finished and IF I find my backbone to submit it in the first place ;)

  6. LOL Lacey. Can't wait to read your entry. Caroline x

  7. I'm with Lacey - need to finish chapter and find backbone.

    All the luck in the world with your entry.


  8. thanks Suzanne - I'm aiming to post my entry this week - if I pluck up enough courage!

  9. Caroline, make sure to tell us when you enter so we can all go over and have a read!