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Monday, 16 August 2010

A new addition to the family!!!

Before you gasp too loudly - rest assured I'm not preggers!

No the new addition to our family is our "previously loved" Winnebago. "Winnie" as she is now called. The DH and I are beyond happy - and since we picked her up last Thursday we've been out in her every day. As you can see she's nearly as big as our small church cottage! She's an American import and has been built to a high spec. There are 2 double beds, a WC, shower, gas hob and fridge - all modcons. As I said she is "previously loved" being 19 years old. But saying that she's only done 59k miles since new, so, hopefully she still has a lot left in her. But the best bit is that she's automatic - which is a real plus for us as the DH has mobility issues.

Not one to do things by half the DH decided to buy our motorhome from eBay! Nothing new there you might think - but that was the first time we have EVER bought anything from eBay. Talk about going in big time! But it all worked out well and she's great!

Writing wise I'm *still* trying to get my ms ready for the NWS. It's been a bit like pulling teeth to be honest, and I'm going to stick my neck out here and say that I am one author who hates editing! There I've said it!! Anyhow best be off. Caroline x


  1. Oooh jealous of your new addition. Get out there and enjoy the freedom!

  2. You might get inspired during your galavanting - take pen and paper with you - but no pressure.

    Sometimes when I am just staring out of the window of a vehicle on a trip, I get the most wonderful ideas.

  3. Hi Judy - *waves*! Thanks for the lovely comment - we hope to enjoy our new found freedom! Caroline x

    Hi Wendy - thanks for stopping by. I intend to take my laptop with me, and like you say, be "creative" LOL! This weekend it's coming to a camp site so I get my ms finished and send it off to the NWS at the RNA! I am well behind schedule and I've got an August 31st deadline. Caroline x

  4. Lordy you definitely jumped on the ebay wagon in a big way. I'm a coward the biggest thing I get are books and DVDs and then I'm out lol. I love the look of you cottage it's gorgeous! I really will have to move to the UK they don't make 'em like that anywhere else.

    Here's to your future travels!

  5. Ahhh thanks Lacey!¬ Yes our cottage is lovely. "Compact" would be the word to describe it! In total there are 5 rooms (and that includes the bathroom and kitchen!) But it suits us - there are only the 2 of us (and 2 small dogs!) And if nothing else it doesn't take long to clean. Have a good day. Caroline x

  6. Go the Winnebago!! Woohoo, I had a trip in a similiar thing in the South Island of NZ a couple of years ago. Was fantastic. Hope you have many happy times in it.
    As to editing, well actually I quite like it. First drafts now...that's another story. :-)

  7. Hi Jackie! Yes me and the DH are totally in lurve with our new purchase. We're off camping this weekend (come rain, rain and more rain!). I plan to take the laptop so I can finish my ms ready to send off to the NWS. Caroline x

  8. Hope Winnie settles in well!
    Good luck with NWS submission.

  9. Thanks Rachael. Hope you are ok? Caroline x

  10. It's like the tardis in there! Great new addition. Have a great trip :)

  11. Oh Caroline, it's fab! I'd love one--but think I'd need a small mortgage for one big enough for me and the kids, but love the idea of packing us all up on a Friday night and disappearing off somewhere.

    Hope you have a great weekend away, weather looks good so far :-)

  12. Thanks Joanne/Colette and LilyS. Just got back! It was great fun - if exhausting! There is a lot to do when you go camping believe it or not! Caroline x

  13. Life in a camper is just fab. I lived in one for nearly a year. Hope you're developing the camper van wave, which is where you have to wave at all other cv drivers. It's de rigueur.

    Worst moment in my camper van existence was the discovery that I had mice.

    Second worst moment was realising that my old cat, plonked in there every day to 'take care of business', didn't give two hoots and would have happily slept while the mice played between her claws. Useless feline!

    Mice tend to come in during heavy rain in late summer and are hell to get rid of. Be warned!!


  14. Ohh thanks for the tip on mice Jane. I will keep my eyes open. Hate anything small and furry like that! Caroline x