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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Am I green.......

.......with envy? Yup! Why? 'Cos I wish I was going to the RNA Conference In Greenwich that's why!!! (Pause for MEGA *sigh*)

There has been furore in blogland recently regarding the RNA's upcoming conference at Greenwich which starts tomorrow. It sounds fab, and I *so* wish I was going. But a wedding this year (mine if you didn't know) has wiped out the funds somewhat. Never mind, maybe next year!

But in the spirit of goodness I just want to say to all of you who are going/are there I hope you have a GREAT time! Enjoy the workshops (especially Kate Walkers and Kate Hardy's - I bet they will be fun); enjoy the socialising and general smooziness of the event, but most of all I hope you all come back enthused with the writing bug!

To those of you who can't get there, here's hoping blogland will be full of lots of lovely photo's (especially of the shoes/outfits) when everyone gets back at their respective desks so we can have a right old nosey!

Enjoy! Caroline xxxx


  1. Shame you can't go but yay for the wedding.

  2. I'm not going either, Caroline - although I'm thinking of trying to sourse a romance writing workshop within day-trip travelling distance to make up for it.

    As Colette said - yay for the wedding - that's the best reson in the world for not being able to go to the conference.

    Like you, I'm green, but hoping everyone has a fab time - and brings back lots of gossip for us.


  3. Oooops - a couple of glaring errors there. Sorry.


  4. Hi Colette and Suzanne. Thanks for the hugs! Caroline x

  5. Shame on your goodness! No whinging? No whining? Guess I'll just sulk by myself then... ;)

    I'm really looking forward to the photos too, especially the shoes! Someone take pictures of the shoes!!

  6. Hi Lacey - yes we *need* pictures of shoes! Thanks for stopping by - luv Caroline x

  7. Ah, well, there's always next year. And I'm sure it won't be difficult to get info about what happened there. Of course it's not the same as actually going - but still!

  8. Oh and Caroline - I'm not sure if you got my message but I passed on an award to you a few weeks back - in case you missed it somehow, here's the link:

  9. It was a fantastic conference, but your own wedding certainly takes precedence. And next year's conference will be much closer to home for you, as it's in South Wales - so I expect to meet you there!

  10. Thanks Romy - I'll put off all the stops to get to the next one! Caroline xxx