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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Flippin' 'Eck! It's ugly out there!

Have you seen the furore on the iHeart Presents blog over the competition results? If not go take a look - but I think everyone in the whole world of romantic writing has blogged on it - me included! I did try to keep out of the heated debate - merely pointing out that HM&B are out to publish books and the publishing world is a highly competitive business. 'Nuff said I think! Phew but it's ugly over there - which is quite sad really as EVERYONE I've ever had dealings with in the Romance Community has ALWAYS been lovely!

Anyway enough of the negativity. Yes I was disappointed both for myself and my two CP's whose entries were tons better than mine (waves as Suzanne and Judy) - but I am still going to be +ve about the whole thing. I've got lots of fingers in lots of pies at the moment. So here are my New Years Resolutions:

1. Polish up the 1st 3 Chapters of Historical Number 3 and send it off to HMB - whilst finishing the whole book off by end of January.

2. Re-jig Historical Number 2 and send it back to NWS (2010) - to see if it gets anywhere. (It did get a very good 2009 NWS Report.)

3. Instead of writing whole books (some would say that you should but....) I'm going to have a go at writing the first 3 Chapters and the synopsis on the one's I've got posted on the sidebar. Get them out and see where I get with them.

4. Try to be more productive. I've been really bad these past few weeks. "Life" keeps getting in the way at the moment. (Dad in hospital and my lovely M-I-L still in hospital - 16 weeks and counting - bless her!)

Anyway - Have a great Christmas everybody - just in case I don't blog before the 25th!

PLL - Peace, Love and Light - Caroline x


  1. Gosh, it did get pretty nasty, didn't it? I went over to wish the winners well and beat a hasty retreat once I saw what was going on (I know, big fat wuss, but there's enough going on in my own life without looking for trouble in cyberspace). I may not have posted there, but I have wished all the winners well on other blog posts, so hope that makes up for it.

    As I've said in comments on other posts - my r didn't even sting this time. That's one advantage to having collected so many over the years - you get used to it, dust yourself down and carry on. And yes, I know I must be thick skinned and a bit deluded (or maybe just thick?).

    I'm so pleased to see you're making plans for writing. And I hope things look up for you and your family health-wise soon.


  2. Great positivity post, Caroline. And great plans for 2010! You go get em girl! Sounds like an excellent plan. jx

  3. Thanks girls - take care. Caroline x

  4. Sounds good Caroline. Get ready for it with lots of mince pies!

  5. I've had so many rejections, I'm thinking of taking it on as a new middle name. ;)

    Things should quieten down soonish at ihp. Even really cross people can't maintain that screaming pitch for more than a few days, I hope. (Unlike my kids, lol.)

    Thanks for adding my Charlotte Lamb fan blog, btw, which I've been sadly neglecting!

    Do please someone nudge me if I forget to update it in the future. I have so many blogs and too many children and not enough hours in the day ...

  6. Hi Sally and Jane - thanks for stopping by! Caroline x

  7. Well done on the positive attitude, Caroline. The ability to keep going in the face of disappointment is absolutely vital if you want to be a published writer.

    It's doubly tough when you have family who are suffering and I hope your p-i-l turn the corner soon and that you all have a truly happy Christmas and that the new year brings you all you dream of.

  8. Liz - thank you for stopping by - and thanks your lovely words. Take care. Caroline x

  9. Hugs, Caroline, on family illness - hope things gete better v v quickly.

    And seconding what Liz said. You'll get much further with a positive attitude. In this business, you need talent, persistence and a smidgen of luck to hit the right place at the right time. If you keep going, you're more likely to get that smidgen of luck :o)

    Great news about the NWS report, too.

    All the best with the new writing regime, and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the new year makes your wishes come true.

  10. Thanks Kate. Lovely! Have a great Christmas! Take care. Caroline x

  11. Sorry to hear about your mojo going walkabout, Caroline. Why not try an Undone? They're so quick, you could write one in a week or two. When motivation is lacking, it always makes me feel better to finish a project, so Undones are perfect!

    Have a great New Year!

  12. Just came over from Suzanne's blog - you have a lovely blog here!

    Good luck with your plans for 2010! :-)

  13. Hi Jane and Amanda - thanks for stopping by! Hope you both have a great New Year. Take care. Caroline x